Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chapter Forty-Nine

Jon carefully unravelled Mackenzie’s arms and legs from around him and slid out of the bed. The morning was bold, bright and hopeful through the windows, a bit like the newly formed relationship with the woman who lay strewn out over the bed. She moaned and rolled sinking face first into the pillows so he could easily achieve his getaway. He needed a cigarette and some fresh air to clear his head. He knew it was right in his heart but it felt so weird to be that close to someone again since his wife. Last night's talk and then subsequent love-making sessions cemented that well and truly but none of this disguised the face that they were still at risk and someone wanted to hurt him.

He stepped into jeans and tugged on a loose tee. Ommph. A stray pillow hit the back of his legs. He narrowed his eyes and turned around to MacKenzie sitting upright wrapped in a sheet.

"Going somewhere?"

God love woman. Dishevelled and sexy, her hair resembled some sort of birds nest and her cheeks were flushed and lips supple. "I was going to have a cigarette and get some coffee..." He folded his arms and leaned against the door frame. "I take it you're interested in coffee?"

She lay back and grinned. "I'd be interested in something else too..." She scissored her legs letting sheet come free from around her.

He groaned. "You're evil. Stay there and behave, I'll be back." Christ. Her athlete's libido was going to kill him.

"Wait! A kiss?"

How could he really resist? He leaned over the bed and met her lips in gentle kiss. His eyes flew open as she tugged him by his tee-shirt and he tumbled on top of her.

She hooked her leg over his waist and locked in him place. “Now what are you gonna do lover?”

“Kenzie…..Jesus…” He chuckled as her eyes danced with mischief.

“That’s it—no more sex for you. It's going straight to your head.” He smoothed back her hair and shook his head.

“You're really complaining about the sex?”

He groaned as her hand slid down over his belly but he captured it before she got any further. “Kenzie, you are terrible! You’re meant to be resting.”

She held his gaze and her lips kicked up at the sides. “Is that your daddy face?”

He rolled his eyes. “Believe me you don’t want to see my daddy face.”

She smirked into the next kiss he gave her. “Oh I don’t know about that.”

He laughed as she wriggled beneath him. It was good to see her laugh and be alive again, of course he felt like he seventeen again trying to sneak in more sex at home. "I'm going out there and if you're still horny when I get back..." He pushed himself off her and shifted himself in his jeans. Horny certainly wouldn't be a problem for him dammit. He poked his tongue out at her as he slipped out the door, surprised to see David coming towards him.

"Hey Jon. Sorry to disturb you but there is a woman who's demanding to see you and she's not taking no for an answer."

Jon frowned. Dot would have called him if she needed anything urgently and he'd snagged his phone on the way out of the bedroom. He checked it quickly - no missed calls or texts. "That's odd, where is she?"

"She's still in the lobby. I've asked the doorman to hold all guests until on site approval. Are you happy for me to go down?"

Jon nodded. "Of course. I just need a cigarette so I'll do that. Buzz me if you need me. If it's Dorothea bring her straight up."

David nodded and headed out the door. Jon pulled back the slider and flipped a cig out of the pack. Blessed Fresh air. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes.

"Sex on the balcony could be fun." A voice purred from behind him.

He raised a brow and turned around and almost wished he hadn't. Kenzie stood in a short satin navy robe that floated above her knees with the ties dangling and the edges gaping open. He swallowed, damn nothing left to the imagination. "Shouldn't you be in bed?" His eyes ran down her long athletic legs, this was so not helping the hard on he had since leaving the bedroom.

She casually picked up one of the ties and twirled it around innocently. "I seem to have lost the way... maybe you could show me." Her eyelashes fluttered and her lips curved into a brilliant smile.

He flicked his ash and threw away the end of his cigarette. "For a tough-ass you really are a little naughty." He reached out and wound his arms around her waist.

She pressed herself against him and her mouth found his. "Like you're complaining buddy."


His eyes popped open and he pushed MacKenzie back. "Aw fuck, Mom! Quick cover yourself up." His mom? What the hell was she doing here? Fuck Fuck Fuck. He'd kept his parents in the dark about everything, the relationship, the gang...everything. It wasn't unusual but she was going to go a little crazy when she found out about it all. Great, just fucking what he needed on top of all this shit.

MacKenzie chuckled as she tied herself back up. "Now who's a bad boy seducing woman on the balcony huh?"

"It's not funny, you'll understand why soon enough." He hissed as he nudged past her into the living room where David had just made it in the door behind her.

"Sorry Jon, she was insistent and wouldn't let me come and get you."

Jon kissed his mother on the cheek. "It's OK, and insistent? My mother? Nooo...." He plastered the every-things alright smile across his face as she hugged him back.

"You look surprised to see me Angel."

He stepped back from his Mom as MacKenzie came into the living room. "Well you didn't call."

"It's thanksgiving in a few days. I never call."

Jon pinched the bridge of his nose. "Aw fuck. It is isn't it? Sorry there's been a bit going on... I didn't even realize it was that time of the month."

Carol peered over Jon's shoulder to MacKenzie. "I see that. And who is the bouncer you've got on the door?"

Jon didn't have time to answer as MacKenzie stepped forward and stuck out her hand. "Hi Carol I'm MacKenzie. It's a pleasure to meet you."

He could see his mother eyeing her from top to bottom before she offered her hand. "Hello MacKenzie, I wasn't aware you were seeing anyone Jon."

Like he told her every woman he slept with, she wasn't that stupid, she just enjoyed unnerving the women in his life. "No, it's a long story. MacKenzie has been working for me." He popped his knuckles, where the hell did he start? Oh yeah a gang is after me and I am sleeping with my bodyguard who I almost got shot? Yeah fucking brilliant.

"Jon, why don't you and your mom sit down and I'll get everyone a drink and you can tell her what's been going on?"

She nodded at MacKenzie. "I think that's a very good idea. I'll take tea MacKenzie."

She winked at Jon before she left. "Be right back."


MacKenzie escaped to the kitchen and couldn't help but laugh. She'd met the one woman that derailed him, his mom. He was a little jumpy and Mackenzie’s bet was as soon as he told Carol what had been going on, she was going to freak out. She popped on a pot of tea and checked her hair was semi reasonable in the reflection in the door of the stainless steel fridge. She didn't know a lot about Carol but one thing she knew was she was a woman that didn't take any bullshit. Carol and Dorothea apparently got on well according to Jon so there was another reason Carol probably hated her instantly. Oh well, if she could handle jumped up men in the military which there had been no shortage of over the years, she could handle someone like Carol.

She stacked some cups on a tray along with sugar and cream before she removed the tea off the stove and into a teapot.

"The intimidating mother in law huh?" David grinned as he came into the kitchen, swung open the fridge and scooped out a PowerAde.

MacKenzie dropped the lid on the teapot and scoffed. "Puh lease. She'll be more concerned that her angel has been not telling her the truth what's been going on. I'm more worried for him, me? I can take care of that easily."

David laughed. "Be gentle on her. What were you two doing? I'm aware that you didn't know she was going to arrive but hell I'm in the apartment too. I don't want to cop an eyeful of you two naked alright?" He chugged down some PowerAde and snapped the cap back on.

"I thought you were in the gym, I was just gonna drag him back to you do."

David leaned against the doorway. "Well Mac it's damn good to see you happy, I don't want to burst your bubble but we will have to focus on the gang stuff when you feel up to it. I'm not letting you near it for a couple of days yet."

She nodded. It had been almost like a bubble too, a happy bubble of love and happiness that she wasn't used to having and avoiding all the reasons why it happened in the first place. She and Jon needed it though. She suspected with both of them now sorted they could concentrate on being conscientious with security but Mac also knew having David around to oversee it all instead of her would take off the pressure. November had flown by quickly but hell she didn't expect it to be close to thanksgiving. It would be hard for Jon in this situation; he couldn't see his kids thanks to Dorothea, something else she was sure Carol wasn't going to be impressed about. "Yeah I know we do. I'm really worried about it but I'm just trying to concentrate on what's in front of us for the moment."

David patted her on the back. "I know. I've got a few ideas but we'll wait a couple of days. I'll let you have the honeymoon period."

She turned and wrapped her arms around him. "I don't know how I would have got through this without you here. So thank you." David had saved her, he may not have been there when all the drama happened but he saved her from herself making her realize that loving Jon isn't a bad thing after all and neither is giving up the control of a case in this situation. He stepped in when she needed him even though she didn't know it, but that was David and why she trusted him more than anyone for so long.

"Your welcome Mac and don't worry we'll sort this out. I promise. Now go and meet your mother in law."

"Pfff she's not my mother in law, and her I can handle." She winked as she picked up the tray and walked back into the living room. This was going to be fun.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapter Forty-Eight

MacKenzie woke to utter stillness. She lay on her side, her head resting on her hand which palmed flat against a warm chest. She smiled and blinked, adjusting to the room only lit by the skyline in the distance. Arms wound tight around her shoulders keeping her close and secure. She sighed, it had been a long time since she let a man be her security, probably not since Brian to be truthful. She felt protected instead of being the one protecting. The steady rise and fall of his chest with the gentle pulse of his heart beat under her hand could have been right out of a romance novel. She fingered the downy hair on his chest and wondered how she ended up here.

Stop over thinking for once Mac.

It had been hard to love or even consider love again after Brian. Brian was such puppy love as well and MacKenzie never had really recovered from losing him so young. She doubted that deep down she ever would. What she and Jon had was different, of course she was much older now so the love was richer. She chuckled, love. Who would have ever thought? And in typical MacKenzie style it had taken something ridiculous and dangerous to make her realize it.

She patted around for his phone that must have fallen to the side somewhere. A few games of that damn pig smashing game, and she'd be right.

He stirred under her. "You ok?" He mumbled sleepily and attempted to sit up.

She touched his arm. "Shhh I'm fine, sometimes painkillers keep me awake...I'm fine Jon." She groaned when he flipped the bed side light on. "Ugh. You didn't have to do that." She buried her head into his side until her eyes adjusted.

"I could make you that tea."

She rested her chin on his chest and looked up into sleepy blue eyes. "You don't have to Jon. I'm ok, I can play some games on your phone--on silent."

He flipped back the bed cover. "You silent? Yeah right. I'll make some tea babe and get you those cookies." He rolled her gently off him, got off the bed and padded towards the kitchen.

She flopped back down into the pillows. She wasn't used to having someone run around after her either and care for him the way he was for her. She'd always taken care of herself for so long. It was kinda nice though she had to admit, having a man fuss around after her. Her man. Now that would be something to get used to. She arched back and rubbed her forehead. David had forbid her talking about any work but she was anxious to know if he'd uncovered anything more or if they had figured anything new out. But he repeatedly told her that they were safe in the apartment and that's all she had to worry about for now.

She flopped over onto her side, she was restless. Would she be able to date a guy that had an instant family? His kids were fantastic but there was a difference with a playful picnic and a longer responsibility with them. She'd never seen herself with kids this late in her life, maybe if things had been different with her and Brian she might have. She reached out for his phone but before her fingers could curl around it he came back into the room steadily carrying a wooden tray.

"Oy. No playing with the toy." He rested it down gently on the bed looking pleased with himself. "The only toy you play with is me."

She raised her brow and smiled coyly. "Is that so?" He fussed and made the tea and handed it to her. "I don't think anyone has made me tea in bed ever." She picked up a cookie off the plate he offered and took a bite.

He lay back, propped himself up against the pillows beside her with his own tea. "No boyfriends have ever made you breakfast in bed? Hell even I can stretch to that."

She smiled. "Nope. I never stuck around long enough for that sort of thing." She glanced over at him as he took a sip of his tea.

He arched one brow. "We're totally going to have the talk aren't we?"

She took a bite of her cookie and shrugged. "Depends, there's not much to talk about really is there? You're divorced and I've been single for a long time, probably because my college boyfriend died." She rubbed her chest, the small niggle still surfaced every once and awhile when her mind flashed back to that day with him and the blood, god there was so much blood. The sadness was still heavy in her heart but with each moment and each year that passed by it faded slowly. Part of her was scared to let it fade completely but now she was sitting here with an opportunity to truly let go and love again. She loved Jon but could she give absolutely everything over to him? Everything.

He was silent and then turned on his side to face her. "How hard was it to get over it?"

She didn't meet his eyes, she swirled her tea around in the cup and waited until it calmed. "Pretty tough." She closed her eyes as he stroked the top of her head.

"We don't have to talk about it Kenzie, I'm sorry baby."

She traced her finger around the edge of cup and shrugged. "It's ok, everyone has a chink in their armour right? This is mine." She'd trained in the armed forces, she'd been through hell and back, dragged a two hundred man on her shoulders waist deep in mud but nothing, absolutely nothing compared to the pain of losing her best friend. It hadn't been all bad, if Brian hadn't died she wouldn't be who she was today. She wouldn't have ever gone into this field and done many awesome things she'd only have dreamed about.

The tips of his fingers traced around her jaw. "You don't blame yourself for what happened do you?"

She shook her head. "No, I don't blame myself for what happened. I only wish I knew what to do in that situation to save him, maybe if I stayed there...maybe if I just..." Her voice was barely a whisper as the words choked in her throat.

"Kenz, you were just a girl. You don't truly believe that do you?"

She shrugged. "I honestly don't know."

Jon lifted her cup and rested it down on the bedside table. He wrapped his arms around her and killed the light. "C'mere."

The darkness surrounded her with his arms and she felt safe again. She closed her eyes and leaned against his chest and took a deep breath. "I look back now and it robbed my last years of being a kid and I let it---I decided to run away from it all and deal. I signed up for the marines just two weeks after his death. I didn't go to homecoming, I didn't walk back into a pep rally or football game again." She shuddered as she kept the memories tight.

"When things like that happen to us Kenzie, they do change us and they force us to be an adult faster than we want. It's not a bad thing you did what you did. Look at you now, you're this amazing strong woman. This is just a part of you that made you who you are. It happens to the best of us."

She rang her fingers through his chest hair. "I know. It feels silly. It was over twenty years ago now and it still hurts as much as it did when it happens sometimes."

He rested his cheek against her head. "It's not silly because it matters to you. Can I ask you a question?"


"Is that why you became a bodyguard ultimately? To make sure that Brian didn't ever die again?"

The tears flowed a little too freely as she nodded into his chest. "Mainly, and it's been the best thing I've done, and then I met you..."

"You say it like it's a bad thing." He chuckled as his hand dragged lightly down her back.

"Of course it's not. I just didn't want to love you...just in case." It was silly really. Mackenzie had learnt in her training to deal with the facts and follow her gut instincts but the one thing it never taught her was how to deal with her heart.

"Because something might happen to me? Oh Kenzie."

"I know that's not what you need to hear from the woman that was supposed to be protecting you, but it's true."

"I'm so sorry for going out there on my own to them, if I had realized that...god I'm stupid."

She rested her chin on his chest and looked up. "No you're not. I know why you did it. No one likes to feel like a caged animal Jon, especially a control freak."

He jabbed his fingers in her side lightly. "Hey, look who's talking."

She laughed. "True true." She shimmied up and found his face. She dropped a light kiss onto his lips. "Thank you." He relaxed his arms around her and clasped his hands, resting them on her lower back.

"Anytime. There's a big soft spot to you MacKenzie Cooper."

She kissed his nose. "Shh just don't tell anyone or I really will have to kill you."

He laughed through the darkness. "You're pretty amazing. If I'm honest, my reservations about this relationship were also to do with past relationships."

It was a rare moment for both of them to be so open with each other but Mackenzie had never felt so at ease with someone talking on this level. "Your marriage? So what really happened?" She heard things, even read them when she did his background checks but she was smart enough to know that the media only ever told one side of the story.

He sighed. "I was an asshole. We both weren't perfect but I certainly didn't help the situation. We may have been married but we were definitely living separate lives for the last few years of it. Dorothea is a lot like you. Strong willed and independent."

"Gee thanks, that's one way to win over the new girlfriend." She linked her finger through the chain around his neck and twisted it gently.

"Brat, what I mean is she was so independent she didn't need me."

"Ahhh so you too have a chink. You need to be needed." She felt him tense but relax again under her.

"Yep, that's me. I need to be needed but Dot grew out of it, and I grew out of needing her or wanting her."

"Did you cheat?"

He nodded. "There were a couple of one nighters in there. And there hadn't been since about 1995, where we hit a rough spot. It's how I knew it wasn't working."

"So the articles are true. You are no saint."

He snorted. "You read them?"

"Research darlin'. I needed to know who you were. And seriously Jon the stuff out there about you in that regard is so minimal, you've done well to keep it out of the limelight in comparison to others."

"Thanks. I always wanted to, for the kids. They don't need to see that crap. Dot and I used to still go to bed as a husband and wife and then once the kids were asleep, I'd go and sleep in the spare room."

"Oh Jon..."

"Of course that didn't work too well when you had a two year old son that was going through the terrible twos of nightmares."

"Yikes, did you use the Daddy was snoring excuse?"

"Yep, or the Daddy's too restless and keeping Mommy awake. I am a restless sleeper at times."

"Gee thanks for the heads up." She tucked her face into the crook of his neck. The warmth and the intimacy of the night was a rare comfort for MacKenzie and she decided she liked it, a lot. Her and Jon were similar and she needed this between them. She needed this and it had been missing from her life for a long time.

"Oy. You're getting that smart ass back on, and here I am opening up my heart to you."

MacKenzie slid her leg through his as the tangled themselves together. "Alright then. I have a question for you then. What will the difference be between your marriage and what we have?"

"Jesus. Way to start out with the easy questions."

"Well, I wanna know. I wanna know what made you think this would be any different than your marriage since Dorothea and I have common traits."

He tilted her chin, "Honestly I don't know what will happen here. I want it work and I love you. You may be similar to her but hell, you're different as well. You get me, I can be an ass sometimes but that's just me. I'd like to think I get you too. Dot never got me."

MacKenzie smiled. "I do get you. I know how to handle you. And regrettably I think you know how to handle me too."

He smoothed back her hair and rolled her onto her back. "So I passed?" She groaned as his hand slid under her top and cupped her breast. He met her lips with his and kissed her firm and long. Pleasure crackled between them as the kiss went deeper.

"I think you're going for extra credit now." She murmured as his thumb rolled over her nipple.

He smiled into the kiss. "I always do."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chapter Forty-Seven

Jon brushed his teeth and spat in the basin, he chuckled as the cursing drifted in from the bedroom. He'd found one way to keep her amused to his own detriment. She'd been playing some game for the last hour on his phone that warranted swearing and trash talk to the screen while he cleaned up and got ready for bed. He'd decided Kenzie would stay in the bedroom with him, hell they'd made it clear where they both stood so why not. Didn't mean they had to be doing anything while she was in recovery.

"Son of a bitch!"

He rolled his eyes as pigs manically laughed from his iPhone. She'd lost, again. He wiped his mouth, pulled a wad of floss and leaned against the door frame and faced the bedroom fighting twitch of his lips. He knew her well enough to know that when her brows furrowed and her jaw clenched she was pissy. Not that he would do such a thing.

"What?" She barked, her eyes not leaving the screen of his phone.

"Looooser." He made the L gesture on his forehead.

Her face etched in concentration didn't flicker. "This game is fundamentally flawed."

He snorted. "Why? Because you didn't win?"

"No--I was completely accurate in my firing. It's off."

He shook his head. "Of course it is, are you in any pain? Need to take anymore meds?"

"Nope....YES!" She screamed in delight waving the phone high in the air.

"Will I get to use that to text my kids tonight?"

She waved him away again. "Yeah yeah, I'm nearly finished the level."

"That's what you said an hour ago." Jon mumbled and shook his head. God love her, her hair was piled on the top of her, spilling down the side of her perfect face that now bore a few battle grazes. The snug tank top did nothing for the tightness in his pants, showing off her perfect breasts.

"Why don't you go and make us some tea? And then I'll be done. Ohhh and maybe a couple of those white chocolate and raspberry cookies would go nicely with that."

He rolled his eyes. "I just brushed my teeth."

She snorted. "Well that was silly then wasn't it?"

Jesus Christ. He didn't know if he wanted to snap at her or tackle her. Hmm, definitely tackle. And then he'd take her, like she'd never been taken before.




He folded his arms and shrugged. "Maybe I don't want tea."

She narrowed her eyes and her lips tightened. "I'll get it myself then." Before she could reach to turn over the sheet like the stubborn patient she was, he crawled back up onto the bed and pinned her. The smell of her spicy lotion swirled between them, when the hell had she put that on? He swore to god that smell would haunt him forever. His face hovered above hers as he braced her thighs in-between his knees. "Drop the phone." His eyes flicked down to her lips and then back to her eyes. Her breath hitched as he lowered his mouth slowly to hers. "Drop it."

His fingers walked up the sheet over the curve of her breast innocently grazing her nipple which pebbled immediately, he grinned.

"I thought I was supposed to be resting." Her hand came up to his cheek as she cupped his jaw.

His lips barely apart from hers, the need crackled between them he leaned in. "I've changed my mind." The kiss was slow and sweet at first and then he took it deep. He brushed back her hair and let his tongue slide home. She moaned and he swallowed it, feeling her pulse flutter under him. His lips left hers and slid down the long lovely line of her neck. "Kenzie." He mouthed against her ear, her soft body sliding with his.

He wasn't an emotional guy but ever since he'd seen her lying in a pool of her own blood, something had changed inside of him. He needed her, he needed to know she was OK and he needed to show her how much he did actually care about her. While he wasn't always good with all the fluffy words, he was good with actions. The iPhone long forgotten and tumbled down the bed, her hands fisted into his hair while his mouth teased her nipple through tight cotton.

"Oh god."

He scrunched cotton in his palm as he lifted her top, baring her breast to him. He sucked and nipped as she writhed and moaned beneath him. His hand slid between the sheets and down between her thighs. A deep growl rumbled from his chest as he dragged one finger up the silky centre of her. Each hitched breath, each moan that escaped her tingled deep in his cock. He couldn't wait to get inside her.


"Shhh..." He pushed the top right up and kissed down the centre of her chest, his tongue swirling around her navel. Her creamy athletic body gleamed under the low light of bedside lamp. "I've got to take this slowly..." He licked the tip of her other nipple. "Carefully." His finger pushed the strip of silk aside and slipped inside her.

She grasped the top of his headboard and laid back. "Sweet fuck..."

He chuckled. "That good huh?" His mouth took her breast and he rolled the nipple between his teeth to her delightful sigh.

"You know I could roll you any minute and do this to you right?"
Jon smiled into water soft skin. "Uh huh but you're not. You're on rest so I get to be the boss." He took her jaw, capturing her lips in a fiery kiss. Her nipples dug into his chest as he pressed himself against her, keeping the friction going inside her.

"Shit." Her knuckles turned white and their mouths joined once again.

"Inside me." She whispered in shallow breaths, "Oh god inside..." She closed her eyes, tipped her head back and he let her ride the rhythm of his fingers. God she was beautiful. Her lips parted and he let the slow release of her orgasm roll out under him. She shuddered and her eyes fluttered open. He smoothed back her hair and dropped a kiss onto her lips. "Hey there."
She chuckled and sighed as she stretched. "Mmmm that's a nice trick Mr Bongiovi."

He arched a brow. "Oh I'm not done just yet."

She shifted further up against the pillows. "Oh yea? Well I'm thinking one of us is still wearing too many clothes." She pushed his t-shirt up and he hissed as her nails scraped along his belly. His tee-shirt was discarded and laughed when she tugged him forward by his belt buckle. He grinned as reached down to find the exact spot that would send her flying. He wanted to see her come apart in his arms again, only just a fraction more than he wanted to be inside her.

She closed her legs, clamping his hand between her thighs. "Oh no you don't. Not till I get my hands on what I want."

She cupped him and he felt his knees buckle. He closed his eyes and whispered. "Fuck, Kenz." Her clever hands mastered the zip and she had wrapped her long fingers around his shaft. The pad of her thumb scraped across the tip and he clenched his teeth. Gentle, god keep it gentle. His shoulders felt light and for the first time in the last few days the niggle between the back of his shoulders disappeared.

Her fingers felt feather-light on his cock, he rolled his hips forward, keen to give her as much room as she needed. Anything to let her hands get on him. "Touch me."

Her brow arched at his whispered command. There was no smart-assed response now, she just nodded and pumped him slowly. His lips found hers and the heat blended between them. He palmed her cheek and scraped his thumb up her soft jaw line. He would never doubt her instinct or her instruction again. Most of all he would never doubt his love for her again. If one thing had been made perfectly clear, it was that maybe he didn't have as many lucky breaks in the love department as he'd had with his career. And this one he was determined not to fuck up.

Words were as easy to him as an artist but even now as the most beautiful woman, inside and out he had connected with in hell, well ever. The words swelled in his chest. He was better at showing feelings through actions when it came to matters of the heart, maybe it was a guy thing. "Kenzie."

She ran her hands up his arms and wound them around his neck. "Me too." She kissed his nose and brought him down in for a long lazy kiss. He used his knee to nudge her thighs open and his cock bumped against her centre. He could only stare into the eyes of the woman he was in love with as she wrapped her legs around his waist, her breasts pressed against his chest.

He rolled into her smooth and slow, keeping the friction on a knife's edge between them. His breath staggered as he took her higher. Her nails pinched his shoulders as he could feel her clasp around his cock. God. What was regular sex with this woman going to do to him? He lifted her knee and slid deeper, almost to the point he couldn't stand it.

Her hands cupped his shoulders. "More."

He nodded and increased his pace. She stretched and took him further into him. Sweat poured down his temples and his chest grew tight. The orgasm melted through him with a deep groan. Mackenzie grabbed his ass. "God," He let himself go and she trembled and broke apart around him.


There was no question. He took her breast and let his thumb tease her nipple until it was hard as his cock again. He didn't mean to but he rammed into her causing the bed to shake as he build them up all over again. He felt like he could fly, like the one purpose in his life was to make this woman come. Long gone was the outside world of gangs, guns and hurt. All that mattered right now was her. All mattered right now was them.

She came again, and so did he, exhausted. His own orgasm seemed to last forever, spilling everything out of him but Kenzie held onto him. The closeness and the intimacy in this moment didn't match any other he could remember. Her body was slick with sweat, hers and his as they held each other through the aftershocks that rippled through them now and then.

He rolled her onto her side and into his arms, popping off the bedside light in the process. The city lights twinkled in through the windows as their breathings steadied.

"Wow." He felt her smile as he kissed her.

"My thoughts exactly. Where have you been hiding that?"

He laughed his eyes heavy with sleep all of a sudden. "Anything to get you to stop playing with my phone."

She snuggled in, her cheek against his chest. "Hell, I should play with your toys more often." Even though it was dark, he knew she'd have that signature Kenzie smirk right across that pretty face of hers.

"Sounds like a fair competition to me."

She wound her legs in his as they settled. "You know I love a good competition."

He kissed her forehead. "That I do."