Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chapter Fifteen

Jon pasted on another smile for the shouts and catcalls that tried to get his attention. Over the years it had blended into a cacophony of background noise that he could ignore. He slid his hand along her lower back, stifling a groan at the silk of her skin. The dress dipped low in the back, the V hugging the line of her spine until it mimicked the heart-shaped curve of her ass. Not good. The line-up at the door, stilled and he had to stand there, with her. Chewing on his bottom lip, he slid his thumb along her spine familiarly. He knew the cameras caught everything--and he needed to be convincing. He pressed his lips to her ear. "Acting right?" he said on a low voice that only she could hear.

Hot breath tickled her ear, and the shiver sizzled down her skin. His hands against her skin, was harder to take than it looked. Shit. Her head had finally stopped racing from that ridiculous hump-a-thon she’d initiated in the backseat. She was behaving like a teenager on her first prom-date, not the body guard he was paying to serve and protect. Acting/Smachting. She flashed the cameras a large smile before turning to meet his eyes, like a couple in love, they certainly could play the part better than some Hollywood actors. She needed a few minutes before she kissed him again. “Absolutely.”

He swallowed at the teasing glint of heat in her eyes, his nose bumping hers, looking down at her mouth plainly before he smiled. The air fairly crackled between them. Part of him knew the cameras were catching every ounce of it, but the other part of him didn't care. He slid his hand down her arm, tangling their fingers together before he turned to walk ahead. He caught sight of Obama's security and smiled as he handed over the invitation. "Jon Bon Jovi and MacKenzie Cooper," he said for the list of approved names that the man needed to check off. They went inside and the schmoozing began. "They'll be blood thirsty. Just wanted to give you a head's up. I haven't had a woman on my arm in awhile.”

“I can handle them. Doesn’t it bother you that people are over you like this all time?” She tightened her grip on his hand as they started to weave their way through the crowd. People nodded, and she smiled back. She never was into the socialite scene, but she’d done corporate functions in her time to know what was what.

He waved to the state congressman to his left and Mrs. Clinton as she was trapped in the corner. "It's hard to remember a time when they didn't care," he said absently.

“Well, we’ll just have to make sure we give them something to talk about then.” She winked as they made their way into the dining area. A sharply dressed waiter offered a tray of wine out as they walked past. “Oh yes please.” She lifted a glass off the tray and took a sip. One glass wouldn’t hurt, and hell she needed it to settle her nerves.

"As the lady wants," he said and held his own glass. He carefully introduced her to dozens of people. Careful to use familiar words that didn't make him have to say girlfriend, but made sure it was known. She took care of herself, easily mixing with politicians to the wives, to the snobs. He took a little joy in watching her face go stony when Dawn Chanel asked her point blank--what her job was and she didn't have an answer. Of course Dawn was the gossip of all gossips, a busy body to the end actually. "She was my personal assistant, but you know how those things go."

MacKenzie smiled graciously at Dawn, who's eyes were already dancing with delight over the situation. As she walked away MacKenzie shook her head. "Sorry I didn't think of that one... good call," she took a long gulp of her wine. God, her face was going to ache by the end of the night. Dawn walked away in her three-sizes-too-small dress and MacKenzie snorted, “Stop looking at her ass, or I’ll get jealous.”

His hand lowered ever so much onto the curve of her ass. "Yours is far superior, schnookems."

Her heart tumbled before she snapped herself back to alert. She smiled into his eyes and ran her finger across his top lip. “That might just get you lucky tonight,” she teased. Christ, what was she doing? She seemed to have verbal flirtatious disorder around the man.

His fingers splayed over her back, dragging her in close. "Careful what you ask for," he said hovering just a breath away from her lips. "I'm not above broom closets Kenzie."

Her eyes widened letting as she let out a gasp. He wouldn't? They narrowed again as she pressed herself harder against him. Why did this feel too natural? It was supposed to be a game, maybe she was just a good player. Her eyes fell to his lips again as she dusted hers lightly across them. "Standing up sex huh?” Shit, there we go again.

His fingers dug into her lower back. "You have an evil streak, woman," he said against her mouth. "If you're pushing boundaries, don't be surprised when I push back," he said darkly and stepped back before his damn cock busted out of his dress pants.

Part of her wanted to push the boundaries and see what happened. She figured a man like Jon, when he lost control, was devastating. She had to focus, and keep her eyes on the people in the room. She had to give him credit, he really did know how to work a crowd, make someone feel special just by a few words, or a simple touch to the arm. When he tugged her in closer, she smiled and whispered. “You’re good at this by the way, but tell me...” She smiled again as another couple passed them.

“Does your face ache at the end of the night?”

"I have ibuprofen in every single room in my house, Kenz." He wound his fingers through hers and eased her a little in front of him. She fit along side of him perfectly. Like she was made for him. He liked the way she thought--linear but with biting humor. She read him well, keeping it light when necessary and serious when it was warranted. He let go of her hand, pulling out her chair as they got to their assigned tables.

“Well put me down for a double when we get home.” She chuckled and waiting for him to join him as she sat down. She glanced around the room, everything was as it should. Social climbers, politicians, and wait staff. Nothing TOO dangerous, as far as she could tell. She reached and straightened his tie. “Sorry, it was off to the left.” She laughed, “But we already know you’re a lefty.”

He stifled a chuckle and sat down. "I guess you do." He leaned in close. "That reminds me, just wear are you hiding a certain something extra in that indecent dress of yours?"

She ran the tip of her finger lightly down the silverware at her place setting. “You really want to know? Some things are just better left to the imagination aren’t they?” When he raised his brow she moved in closer, her nose brushed against his jaw. God, that rich spice of him was almost too much to take. “Let’s just say. Tonight I have thighs of steel.”

He closed his eyes, his fingers fisting into his napkin on his lap. "I think I might just hate you, MacKenzie Cooper," he muttered. The image of the gun holster that had to be strapped to her thigh was far sexier than it should have been. His cock stirred in his pants, as every tacky porn movie that involved a cop, flashed through his mind. Except they were all MacKenzie.

She smiled, secretly she was glad to make him suffer for a little. God knows she had so far. “It’s been a long time since I had a firm piece of steel between my legs.” She bit down on her lip to stop the ridiculous grin spreading. She was evil.
He chewed on the inside of his cheek until he cracked only half a grin. "We'll have to correct that, now won't we?"

If only. But no, she was here to serve and protect him. And not from STD’s. Why couldn’t she have met him in another situation, one where it was moral to go back to her bed after they went home? “You know,” she toyed with her napkin as the first course was served. “If I wasn’t your-“she stopped, he didn’t need to know that. It wasn’t as if it would change anything would it?

He leaned in, sealing their lips in a light kiss. They'd been playing far too well with the acting tonight. He was hard as stone and twice as miserable with it. He'd wanted her since the first night he'd met her. If she told him one more time what and where and how he could get her naked, he was fairly sure he'd drag her to the nearest empty room and show her exactly what he thought of her teasing. "What ifs are a little deep tonight, don't you think?"

The half smile she managed was almost sad. Mackenzie loved her life, and she wouldn't trade it for the world. But like anyone she always wondered if she'd find that someone that was just like her. The long nights at work coming home alone to the meal-for-ones did wear thin at times. But this was the life she chose and hadn't regretted it till now. In the few days she'd spent with him she'd realized he was just the same as her. "You're right it is, I'm sorry, this looks delicious,” she picked up her salad fork and speared a prawn.

Part of him wanted to lean in and tell her that he felt the same way. The lines of the game and reality were blurring already. He wanted her. It was a fierce ache that he hadn't been prepared for. Attraction was easy to deal with. It happened every day in his job. Sometimes it was acted upon, but mostly he just enjoyed the pop and zing, moving on with a smile. This--between them--it was more than a little cajun flavored popcorn. He wasn't sure what it was yet, but he already felt singed. So he just sat back in his chair, staring at the shrimp in front of him instead of reassuring the woman beside him.

She leaned over holding her fork in front of his mouth, which he accepted with a smile. She had to get over this, whatever the hell it was. Yes he was attractive and yes he pushed all her right buttons but she was protecting him. She was employed to save his life if necessary. So for now she had to make sure she kept it that way. As much as it sucked.


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT chapter! I love how the fine line keeps shifting. I hope at some point it pushes the limits and they go outside the box!

mue03 said...

I am wondering how long it will take ;-))

Bayaderra said...

"she was here to serve and protect him. And not from STD’s" ROFLMAO!!! Is her code name "condom"?
You killed me with that one!!!!


mue03 said...

Sorry, I'm at a loss. Not native english speaking... what means STD's?

SoulGirl said...

Sorry, Sexually Transmitted Diseases ;) That's what they get abbreviated to.

hehe..glad you liked it girls, lol

norwichliz said...

Locked and loaded eh Jon? LOL!

Yeah, like they're going to be keep it "acting" for long! NOT!

Give in and enjoy!