Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Some of you are probably wondering where I am.

We've had a pretty large earthquake this week so I'm trying to get my life back to a semi-kind of normal.

Check here for what happened and I promise I'll be back soon!




Big Apple Jovi Girl said...

Our thoughts are definitely with you ... hope the shake, rattle and roll stops soon! When you were looking for something to "rock your world" I'm thinking this wasn't it, right? LOL

Anonymous said...

Take whatever time you need. We are waiting here for you...semi-patiently! Haha! Glad all is ok. ( :

Wildflower said...

No rush! Hope everything and everyone is alright! Take your time, we'll be here waiting! :)

Anonymous said...

thanx for your update!
but your story's are now the least important!

it's very important for all of us to know that you and your loved ones (and everyone in your town) is alright and save!

god bless you ...
wish u all the best and hope everything comes back to normal as soon as possible!


Super_Kiwi said...

Thx guys --- that means a lot to me xxxoo I am back up and running in the way of routines again so we shall continue.

but love the thoughts and wishes.