Monday, November 29, 2010

Chapter Fifty-One

Jon closed the door behind his mother, she had insisted she check into a hotel to give them space at the apartment. It wasn't necessary but Jon knew by now not to argue with his mother. He reached for his cigarettes and knocked one out of the pack. MacKenzie had cleared away the tea and strolled back into the kitchen and Jon laughed at the shit-eating grin she couldn't hide.

"Pretty pleased with yourself I see?" His eyes wondered down her long legs, how was it she managed to serve his mother tea in just a satin robe? And not only that, his mother came out the other end of it liking her? Just when he thought he'd seen it all, MacKenzie always surprised him.

She stood with one leg around the other and grinned. "I'm something aren't I?"

Jon snorted as he reached for his lighter. "Oh yeah, you're something alright." Something he was damn lucky to have he realized. "I have no idea how you did that but I'm impressed Kenz. There is many a woman that's tried to melt the Ice Queen."

"Jon, that's no way to talk about your mother," she stepped closed and wound her arms up around his neck. "But I do have to say that her reputation does precede her. Like any good strong woman."

They bumped noses and he grinned. "Brown noser." He groaned as her knee slid up between his legs.

"Careful buddy. I know how to maim a man in less than five seconds."

He managed a small smile. "Now that I don't doubt."

Her brows furrowed. "What's wrong?"

He shrugged and kissed her lightly on the lips. "I'm fine, I'm just annoyed that I forgot thanksgiving." One thing Jon prided himself on no matter how crazy life got with the band or his seventeen different projects, he always found time for family. He never missed a birthday, he never missed a holiday and now this, and this clusterfuck in his life had nearly made him lose his pride.

She fingered the chain around his neck. "Don't feel bad Jon, you've had some real shit to deal with."

Her gaze lifted to his, she was right but it didn't make him feel any better. He was well out of his depth with what he was dealing with now. "What about the kids? I can't have thanksgiving without my kids." He wound his arms tightly around her waist and rested his head on hers. "It's too dangerous isn't it?"

MacKenzie soothed his back. "Yes it is, and you've got Dot to convince, unless Carol can convince her that we can put in tight security measures but do you really want to take the risk with them?"

He shook his head. This sucked. "No, of course I don't." He'd missed only ever missed one thanksgiving and that was due to heavy snow that prevented him flying back home when he needed to. The roads had been just as bad so he didn't attempt to get driven in it either. It just wasn't worth the risk of an accident or death, just like now. MacKenzie was bad enough, but if anything, god anything happened to his babies because of him...he would never forgive himself.

How would they even understand? It wasn't like he even had a tour to use an excuse? He really needed to talk to Dorothea on how to deal with that as he hated to think what she could come up with. God. His babies just over the river having thanksgiving without him -Was there seriously anything crueller than that? Fuck no.

"When this is all over, we'll take them on vacation or somewhere."

"We?" he asked surprised she sounded so comfortable with that. She stood back and took his hands.

"Yes we, that's ok isn't it?"

He remained still until her forehead creased. "Yes! Of course... I just didn't even think you'd want, or be ready for that. I mean if you didn't..." He laughed. "I'm so shit at this."

She gave him a warm smile. "You're better than you think. And of course, they're your kids, a part of you. If there was one thing I got right it was that I understand how much you love those kids. This has to be killing you inside out."

He twisted his finger through her hair, coughed through the lump that formed in his throat and nodded. "Yeah. It is. They're my babies."

"Oh Jon." She squeezed his hands. "I'm so sorry."

He dipped down and captured her mouth in a swift kiss. That MacKenzie just accepted his family was pretty amazing. Who wanted a guy with four kids? Remove all the facade of being famous, having everything, that's all he was in reality when it came down to a relationship. "I need a cigarette."

She wrapped her fingers around his wrist. "If I gave you an option of a cigarette or something else, what would you take?"

He raised a brow. "What exactly is 'something else'?" He grinned as her lips curved into a mischievous smile. He wanted nothing but to push her against the wall and wrap her long ropey runner’s legs around his waist and fuck her into the next century, but she was still injured.

MacKenzie stood back and twirled the end of her robe tie in a circle. "Do you want what is behind door number one?" She did a wide gesture to the slider that led out to his smoking spot. "Or..." she purred and his eyes dropped to her tie as she unravelled it."What's behind door number two?" She let it go and the robe floated open, enough for a flash of creamy skin and breast. His cock jumped and he dropped his cigarettes on the couch.

"I'm listening." Her co-worker was somewhere in the apartment but right now Jon didn't care. He wanted-no-craved to be inside her. He wanted his hands all over that firm but curvy body learning every inch, inside out. He needed the contact, something to take away the dull ache that throbbed inside him. "

Instead he wanted to throb inside of her.

She tied up her robe and stepped back when he took one forward. "I just thought we could--you know."

He cocked his eyebrow. The gleam in her eye was Kenzie all over, the Kenzie he'd missed. "Oh now I'm really listening." He stepped again and she hit the wall.

He grinned as he approached her and held out his hand, letting his fingers run down her jaw. "Oh no, whatever will you do now?" Oh he knew what she could do, she could probably dislodge his balls into his throat but instead she met his gaze with a coy smile.

"I seem to be stuck."

His eyes drifted down to the opening of her robe and then back to hers. "That is such a shame." He needed this, he needed to take control of her and if it was fucking her in the middle of the living area against the wall...So be it. His fingers traced down the curve of her breast, her nipples hardening instantly on touch.

She groaned as he drew lazy circles around her nipple, the tip straining through the satin. "Yes..." She tipped her head back and exposed that long lovely throat.

His lips slid down her neck, her moan vibrated against his throat. "I need you." His words were not a plea, they were a demand. Her ginger scented skin stirred him more, all those damn nights he was confined with her unable to feel, unable to touch, unable to make love to her. She titled his chin to meet her gaze which lingered on his lips for just a moment.

"Then have me Jon, have all of me." The fire in her eyes deepened as she kissed him fiercely. Her tongue invited his in a slow dance as she wound her arms around his neck and he melted into her.

He pushed the robe open, hooked one of her long silky legs over his hip and kissed his way down her neck. He kissed until he found the water soft curve of her breast and rested on the nipple. He drew it deep into his mouth as she writhed beneath him. His hand grabbed her ass and then slid around to the front. He smirked against her breast as there were no panties, nothing keeping him from reaching his target. He plunged one, then two fingers inside her eliciting long pleasurable groans from her. His hand became wet and his dick became hard.

He moved to the other breast, keeping her firmly pinned and at his mercy. Finally he was in charge, finally he had control of something. Her hands tunnelled into his hair as he edged down, pushing the rest of her robe open. He nipped across her abdomen and swirled his tongue around his navel. He slid from her grasp and onto his knees, his lips millimetres from her thigh. He could smell her, smell the need that dripped off her and it was all for him. He lifted a leg over his shoulder and took a long lick down the centre of her. "Fuck." He muttered as he took her in, drop by drop, teasing the ever loving hell out of her.

Her hands threaded through his hair as sipped from her. His tongue teased her clit and she quivered above him as she started to waver. He slipped his fingers back in and licked as he brought her to orgasm. She had barely a second to catch her breath as he shot back up and pressed himself against her. His mouth found hers and he kissed her, wholly, completely.

"Kenzie." He murmured as their teeth clicked and their noses bumped. Her body moulded around him like it was fit for no one except him. "Touch me Kenzie." Her eyes flashed with heat as she reached down to his buckle. She tugged the belt through the loop and let it thud to the floor.

His head fell back as her hand wrapped around his shaft and stroked the hot sensitive skin. Her clever fingers cupped him underneath and his thighs clenched. "Jesus." He took her face in his hand and kept his eyes on her as he enjoyed the simple pleasure of being touched. Fuck me. His body, tingling and his cock, rock hard.

He needed to lose himself in her, just for a moment. Things were beyond fucked up and he didn't know how to fix them so he needed this. Needed her.

Her leg hooked over his waist and he entered her firm and smooth. He linked both hands through hers and held them above her head as he began to fuck. That's all he could call it as he slammed into her, slap against slap. Sweat poured from his temples and but still he didn't take his eyes off her. She gasped and she moaned as he turned it up another notch, his fingers curling tight.

"Jon...God...oh god!"

For the first time he let himself go, released his hands and held her face in his hands as he kissed her with force as it built. Oh god it built. She gripped his biceps, he growled when her nails dug in. "Kenzie..." She bit her lips and closed her eyes. "Eyes on me...Kenz... eyes... oh fuck..."

Her eyes fluttered open and her mouth covered his as she screamed her way into release. He followed quickly and pounded out the orgasm until he fell flat on her shoulder with nothing but breath as loud as echoes left in the room. He held her, both still standing in the afterglow. He pushed back, his hands moving to her shoulders. "Wow."

She chuckled and pushed back his hair, slick with sweat. "You can say that again."

"I just---god I just lost... Jesus...are you ok?" He tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"There might be a Kenzie-shaped hole in the wall when you finally pull me away, but you know a good plasterer right?"

He grinned, for the first time in days with ease. "God love you Kenzie Cooper." He kissed her again, this time sweet and slow.

"I'm not sure god loves me after that, but you'll do just fine."

He laughed and wrapped his arm around her neck tugging her in tight. Thank god he had her, just thank god he had her.


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Aww what a surprise, thank you so much and geez that was hot! Welcome back Jon and Mackenzie.

norwichliz said...

I wouldn't mind leaving a dent in the wall because of something like that!

I'm sure Kenzie and Dot will come up with some idea for Thanksgiving and the kids.

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Welcome back!!!...and what a way to come back! Wow!

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Well hello back!
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It's great to have a new update on these two :) Thanks!

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Well damn.
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Pleased to meet you wall.

That was hot, Kiwi!

And yes, Jon totally needed that play of control and man alive did he take it.

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I'm all caught up on this now and trying patiently to wait for the next chapter. I just love these 2 together and am so glad they've talked and worked through some stuff. Now we need get back to the gang thing and figure what they want with Jon.

Happy New Year Kiwi!

Super_Kiwi said...

Thank you guys! Whew. Happy New Year to you all as well, and anyone else that may stumble across my little piece of make-believe land.

I'm in the process of a new chapter as we speak and we'll keep going with this one, promise! It's been a CRAZY couple of months but I'll make the commitment to post hopefully at least once a week.

Thank you for hanging in there. Love you all.