Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chapter Fifty-Seven

There was a knock at the door. He reached for the remote and flicked the TV off. "Come in." He stood and folded his arms as the three of them came in.

"Boss." Jerome looked as smug as the cat that got the cream and Brett nodded. The guy was blindfolded and gagged and hung between them like Jesus being dragged to the cross, blood dripping and all.

He scratched his chin and looked at both of them. "Can someone care to explain why we now have baggage?" Jerome grinned and before he could open his mouth he slammed his hand down on the table. "What the fuck Jerome? What the fuck!"

"Boss I thought-"

He looked up and pointed at him. "You thought wrong. I gave you two simple instructions. TWO!" Go to the apartment, put a shot through the window of the STAIRWELL and leave. But no, you put a bullet through his living room and then chased them to the fucking airport and now you have a hostage and the whole state is looking for us."

Jerome shrugged. "Let them come. I aint got nothing to lose."

He yanked his gun out of his waistband and pointed it to him. "You may not but I fucking do. Do you realize what you've ever done Jerome? You've completely fucked any chance of Wes making that team."

"Oh please, he was never going to accept one of us on his team, even Wes. He's a hypocrite and a fuckhead. It was time to let him know that."

He clicked the gun into place. "Did we forget the pecking order around here?"

Jerome shifted his feet. "A few of us thought you were being too soft. I was gonna get Bongiovi but his hottie bodyguard shoved him into the damn plane too quickly. So he is the consolation prize."

He closed his eyes and counted to five. "Where is he shot?" He walked forward and yanked open David's shirt. The shot was clean on the edge of his shoulder next to his bullet proof vest. "For fuck's sake." He tilted his chin with the stub of the gun and pulled down the gag.. "David isn't it? How much do the police know about all of this?"

David winced. "Some of it. We got them involved once the shot came through."

"Fuck!" He paced up the room and stood by the window watching the Philadelphia night sky bleed into black.

"Where are they on a plane to David?"

"I don't know."

He chuckled and shook his head. "Right and I'm the queen of fucking England. Where are they going?"

"I told you I don't know."

He clicked his fingers. "Brett."

A gun clicked and he smirked. "Care to answer it again?"

"Kill me, I don't care." He sighed. Fucking cop-types and their camaraderie. Fine, he'd try a different approach but first he needed to deal with the matter at hand.

"Brett. Go and get the truck ready. We're dumping a body tonight."

Jerome grinned and clapped his hands together. "Now that's what I'm talking about. Send them a message."

"You're going to kill him?" Brett asked.

Blackwatch smirked. "Yup time to lighten the load." He turned pointed the gun at Jerome and fired it twice at his chest and he hit the ground with a thud.

"Fuck!" Brett yelled.

"Now Brett and get David cleaned up I don't want him bleeding to death on while I sort out your and Jerome's incompetent fucking mess." He reached and dug into David's pocket for his cellphone. "Perfect. Time to give Miz Cooper a call I'm thinking. And Brett. Pass on the message. I won't tolerate crap like this again."

"Yes Boss."

He waited till he dragged David out of the room and flipped open his phone. Time to sort this shit, once and for all.


norwichliz said...

Ah, so some wannabe with an itchy trigger finger though he knew better than the boss...and found out he was wrong!

It's about time he explains what this is all about...and what he's after.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you picking this back up. Suspense was getting to me. Way to go girl.

Rike said...

They know David? I'm shocked now

Bayaderra said...

Shit! Shit! Shit!!!!

This is really getting out of hand!!!
Kenzie will never forgive herself if David doesn't make it. And what about his pregnant wife?


ANN said...

A new chapter so quick? Super awesome!! Sounds like Blackwatch has to go pull it together with his gang. Lets just hope David doesn't become a casualty in the process of him trying to get what he wants.

kiwichick said...

Thanks for the new chapters T - loving it. Sorry to be greedy but can we have more please? :-)