Saturday, May 7, 2011


"Oh god, oh yesssss." She sunk her toes into the hot sand, slid on her shades and arched back in the deckchair. "God."

Jon dumped the over-sized beach bag beside them and shaded his view as he looked out to the deserted beach. "Told you it was good."

"Good is not the word for this, orgasmic might do it justice. Is that your phone in your pocket?" She lifted her glasses and raised her brow, biting back the grin. They had a deal.

He patted his board shorts. "No it's my iPod thank you. Phone is in the box."

She smirked, slid her shades back on and flipped her book open. "Good." One of the presents she had bought them for their wedding was a time-lock portable safe. They both were addicted to their phones like crack so she made sure every once and awhile they went in the box on a timed release. She hated it as much as he did but it proved to be a handy tool and made sure within their busy schedules they had time for each other.

To be honest since they'd put the gang incident behind them, this was the first time that they'd had to stop. That was Jon, and she knew him well enough to know that a busy Jon was better than a bored Jon.

Her skin soaked up the sunshine and she wasn't about to move anytime soon. They were finally alone on a private beach in St Bart’s on yes, their honeymoon. Months had gone by since Wes joined the team and had proved to be every bit the star player that his brother had attested to. The Soul had gone on to win their first championship which had made Jon a very happy man. Between the games, the election of President Obama, and Jon's musical commitments life had been busy but it had been the best. They were married in a small ceremony in New Jersey before escaping to the secluded island of St Bart’s for their honeymoon.

Jon groaned as dropped into his chair. "This is perfect." He reached for the well-stocked chiller between them, dragged out a couple of beers and handed her one.

"You right there old man?" He popped the cap for her and leaned back. She took a pull of ice-cold beer and sighed.

"Who are you calling old? I can nearly beat you on the eight-mile."

She tipped her beer at him. "Nearly." They worked out well together, the trash talk between them always pushed them to beat each other so it had become a lot of fun. They'd slotted into married life with ease and it wasn't surprising given the fact that their lives had been so chaotic in the beginning of their relationship.

MacKenzie was happy, she was truly happy and old wounds from the loss of Brian had finally healed. She'd never been to as many ball games in her entire life in the last few months and didn't realize how much she'd missed the game. Jon had given her that back and she'd slotted back well into being chief advisor to the co-owner of the team. Of course her opinions weren't always welcome but that's what made them fun, they both weren't afraid to give their own opinions and challenge each other in any aspect of their lives. Their augments often got heated, but their make-up sex was worth every punch.

"You up for a swim? The water looks great?"

She smiled, her husband had been in his deck chair all of five minutes and was restless, so typical. "It looks fantastic but I'm not moving." She closed her eyes and melted into a cocktail of sunshine and ocean spray.

"Aw, c'mon. Race you in."

The competitive MacKenzie was on lock-down. "You go in, my beer will get warm." She licked her lips and settled back but a shadow lingered over her. "I'd move if I were you." She bit back her grin, she knew damn well Jon was trying to get a rise out of her.

"Or what?" He stood with his arms folded in his faded orange board-shorts.

"World of pain, that's all I'm sayin. This girl needs her Vitamin D." Sand flicked up her calves as she frowned again. "You did not just do that."

"Do what?" He swayed innocently in front of her.

"I'm gonna count to three and if you're not out of my sunlight, you're in trouble mister." She was going in the ocean, she already knew her husband wouldn't move anytime soon.

"Try me baby."

She rolled her lip under her teeth. "One..." He didn't budge and her fingers curled around her beer bottle. "Two..." She lurched forward without counting in three but he'd read her and was already tearing up sand into the ocean ahead. Her beer went flying and her feet pounded the sand every bit as fast as his. He slowed as he plunged into the water and her fast on his tail. He was laughing as he desperately trudged deeper into the sea for a getaway but it was too late. She flung herself on his back, wrapped her legs around his waist and tipped them both under.

They spluttered as they came up for air, salt stung her eyes but she buoyed herself around to face him straight on. She cupped the back of his head and dragged him in for a kiss. Salt and Jon sizzled on her tongue as she tasted each corner of his mouth. His hands cupped her ass and kept her steady as their teeth clicked as the kiss spun out of control. "You're a pain in the ass."

The shit eating grin spread wide across his face. "And you're bikini top has come undone."

Her head tipped back as his mouth drew down the long line of her neck as he peeled the cotton down. His teeth scraped across her collar bone and his mouth found her breast. Water lapped around their waists as he walked slowly into the surf. She gasped as his tongue curled around her nipple and her nails dug into his shoulders. She couldn't protest. Forget weapons, forget fancy moves, her husband’s mouth was her kryptonite.

"Shit," she muttered. She arched back and his clever mouth moved to the other breast. Senses overloaded as his hand slid between her thighs and his fingers into her bikini bottom. Her legs clamped around him as he teased her sweet spot, his mouth sliding back up her neck. She threaded her fingers through his hair and held him, nose to nose as he pushed her further. God she was going to come.

Breathing had become optional as she fought for control against the pleasure assault on her body.

"Do it," he whispered against her lips. "I know you're close. I can feel it."

The growl bubbled from her belly and ripped through her throat. "Oh god!" He held her as she shuddered through the orgasm. "Yes, god oh yes."

His hand drifted through her water-logged ropes of hair and he kissed her gently. "Told you."

"I hate you," she panted.

He grinned and kissed her again. "And I hate you too." They may have been in the middle of the ocean but this was a rare intimate moment, well overdue from weeks of the outside world taking over.

She reached for his shorts but the squeal on the beach stopped them. Mackenzie squinted. "Paps?" There seemed to be an awful lot of them if they were.

Jon groaned. "Nope, fans. Shit. C'mon let's get you decent." He tied her bikini top back up and dropped her down onto the sand. He grabbed her hand and they made their way inland back to their stuff. "Grab what you need only, the rest can wait."

She scooped up the beach bag over her shoulder with her glasses and book as they took off down the beach. She glanced over her shoulder. "Hell, how many are there?"

"I'm not looking long enough to find out. I haven't had them here for a long time."

"Why don't we just stop and do the picture thing with them? They'll probably leave us alone after that?" She was trying not to laugh at how serious Jon was it wasn't like this had never happened to them before. Ok, not on vacation but they always bumped into fans out and about.

His hand gripped hers as they curved around the rocks on the edge of the beach. "Because, this is my honeymoon and I was about to get laid."

She snickered as they carefully climbed up some rocks. "Jesus Jon, where are we going, isn't that a path up out of the beach?"

"Yes but that's not the plan but we have to hurry." He weaved them through razor rocks, scattered driftwood and around the back of the small rock-face. "Quick-down here!" He jumped down a hole, no bigger than the two of them and she followed, surprised it turned out to be a pocket under the rocks with a bed of sand and shells. "Shhh."

They huddled down as the excited chatter of the girls came around the corner.

"Where do you think they've gone?"

"Up here! Look. Oh my god--did you see his body in those shorts? Fuck me!"

MacKenzie rolled her eyes and Jon shrugged innocently. Sure enough, the footsteps and chatter petered out as the girls must have climbed up the path. She cocked a brow. "I'm impressed."

"Well you know we've been working out a lot, my abs are pretty good."

She elbowed him and hissed. "Not that, that you knew this was here and you were so quick. Have you been learning a few moves on me?" It was no secret MacKenzie's stealth abilities had been very useful for them to avoid media and fans over the last few months when they needed to so she was impressed he'd thought this quick.

"Well, what can I say...I am smart, creative, sexy... and have a good body."

She pushed him down into the sand and crawled up on him, her breasts pressed against his chest. "Shut up if you want this to go any further." She didn't disagree, he had a rocking body but the less she agreed with him on that, the more entertaining it became.

His eyes softened and he smiled. "This is a place Romeo and Jakey found one day exploring when I bought the band and their kids out here--when the tide is in, it fills with water so no one knows it exists." His fingertips traced down her spine. "So by my calculations that gives us roughly...two hours."

She kissed down his jaw and met his mouth. "Gee, whatever will we do for two hours?"

He smiled against skin. "I'm sure we will think of something."

They made love, where no one would ever find them. That's what MacKenzie loved the most about being with Jon, their days and their relationship was always full of surprises and unexpected turns but they dealt with them together, each step of the way. Through sickness and in health, for the rest of their lives.

The End.

Author's note: Thank you again for taking the time to read and enjoying being part of MacKenzie and Jon's story! It means a great deal to me :)


norwichliz said...

I love how playful they are.

And I snorted pop out of my nose at the fans comments about his body "Fuck me!" LMAO!

Hopefully they can have a life filled with love and music...without all the drama of their 'courtship'.

ANN said...

Very funny and sweet ending to the next chapter in their lives. I sure it will be eventful & as you said full of surprises. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad its over, but thank you so much for writing it. I know I've said it before but you're a very talented lady!


Bayaderra said...

Great story Tresca!!!
I'm so sad to see it end... :(

Anonymous said...

Perfect ending! I agree, I hope they find their happiness as they deserve it.

phone safe made me laugh!

Thank you for this story, can't wait to see what else you have got!

jenny said...

loved this story. so glad you shared it.

Kira said...

Great Story, it´s sad that the Story is over, bud I´m glad to see you write a new one.

Anonymous said...

Such a great story and very sweet epilogue. You're a very talented writer! Thanks for sharing your work with us! :D