Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chapter Nineteen

His thumbs brushed against her hipbones, the soft denim so familiar and yet different on her body. A dog yipped and gave a sharp bark as a pair of teenagers used a stray piece of driftwood as a bench to neck on. The breeze was warm off the water, even as the sand chilled beneath his feet. October near the inlets was often a lot milder than even September. A few boats still littered the waterways, reminding him how fast summer had faded.

The woman in his arms was a contradiction, much like the Northeast teaser of a summer day. He could feel the connection, the buzzing awareness between them when they were 'on' for working. When they were alone, she stepped back, making him wonder if he was imagining every nuance of the attraction between them. But here, when she didn't really have to play the girlfriend and slid so easily into the role, these were the times that confused him.

He shuffled her forward to the water. "You don't mind staying here tonight, do you?”

Her heels dug into cool sand as she pressed her body back against his. No she didn’t mind, yes she could have stayed out here forever with him. Her mind was a flutter, she didn’t like when that happened, and she was so used to thinking and shooting straight. Not being all twisted up like a pretzel.

The beach was calm as the waves gentled up onto the shore. Life for her until this moment had been way too busy and she missed the simple things like this. It had been a long time since a man stood behind her that could match her strength in both body and mind. She could probably still throw him to the ground and pin him but she’d have fun trying. This game, whatever they were playing was becoming too easy and confusing.

It wasn’t always a physical thing that attracted her to men, it was definitely a nice to have and Jon was very easy on the eyes. It was his mind, his way and his determination and drive that got her right down in the belly. She saw it in his eyes, the same determination that led her down the path she took, after Brian. “No, not at all. I have nothing that can’t wait.”

"I could use a day away from the city," he hissed as his toes met water. "Fucking cold," he muttered and started to back out.

She laughed as he tugged her with him, losing her footing she fell backwards into strong arms and hands. “Shit, sorry.”

"S'okay," he laughed. "I bet that water would be way colder on your ass." Hauling her up, he turned her into his arms. "But maybe you need a cool down."

His eyes sparkled like the water, and he couldn’t be trusted as his lips twitched. She arched a brow, they were barely inches apart as her gaze rested on his mouth. If she didn’t move she knew she would be taking advantage of this “acting.” The cool water pooled around her feet so she shifted her foot in an innocent flick splashing water up his calves. “Oops.”

Gripping her around the waist he lifted her. "Hey now!" When she went to kick again he clamped a hand around each arm and tossed her over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. "You cannot be trusted, woman." He trudged back up toward the shell strewn sand.

She laughed and tried to twist her way out of it, she knew she could if she really had to, but not without inflicting damage to him. “Put me down now, or you want a new Soprano Record?”

Flattening his arm over her thighs, he held her tight to his shoulder. "Oh hell no." He trudged up the sand and dropped her onto her butt, his knees between her legs as she messed up his hair. Frowning down at her, he pushed it back. "Don't touch the hair, don't you know that's my pride and joy?"

"You have it insured though right?" She scooped up a handful of sand weighing it in her hand. Desperate to ignore him crouched in-between her.

His eyes dropped her mouth, then the sand. "Smart ass," he muttered. When she grinned up at him, he wrapped his fingers around her wrist to dump the sand. "I don't trust you," he said and leaned in. Her breath minty against his lips, he breathed her in. "Aww hell," he said and closed the distance.

She couldn’t deny how much she wanted him to kiss her, no matter how unnecessary it was given the situation. That mouth was dangerous and she bet it could do wonderful things to her body as she folded into the kiss. She felt the zing in her knees, her lips parted and she accepted his tongue. Mint and honey flooded her mouth as he drove the kiss deeper.

Jon straightened up, dragging her closer as the soft moan vibrated through him. Her neck arched as he cupped her face, dipping in for another taste. She tasted like sea spray and something darker, something he was becoming all too familiar with.
His thumbs traced her jaw line as his tongue tangled with hers. The little whimper at the back of her throat burned him as his belly tightened at their position. His back ached and his knees protested but he wasn't letting go.

Her control sifted away like sand in your hands, god help her and god damn her for wanting it this much. Her fingers drove up into soft hair and then down over strong shoulders, taut with muscle. She shifted closer, pressing her breasts into his chest. There was no space between them that could be measured, just red simmering hot heat.

Her hair slid around his hands, his wrists, his arms--the silk and the fire driving him higher as the winds picked up. Spray off the water coated his back as he drowned in her taste. As his back cooled, the heat between them flared. The kiss lengthened and he lost himself in her taste.

Her head jerked up as the pound of feet behind her had her on her knees with her arms out wide holding him back.

"Ken--" he broke off as she drilled back into him. "Dammit, Kenzie!" She stiffened in front of him, her arms outstretched to protect. The dog leaped and kicked up sand as she tried to get around Mac. Her bark was sharp as she whined. "Molly, its okay girl."

She dropped her arms, letting Molly lunge past her, proceeding to slobber all over Jon. She closed her eyes and puffed, close fucking call. Too fucking close. “Jesus Christ,” she swore as she stood dusting the sand off her legs. She jumped when her hip vibrated, god what next? A bird to swoop down on them? Hell. She cleared her message from David which ironically was warning her that they could be followed. Well shit, and her she was metres away from her fucking gun. “We need to move, now Jon.”

Jon pushed down on Molly's head as she tried to lick him. "Not the kisses I'm interested in, girl. C'mon," he laughed, "all right, all right. I missed you too." He waved to Molly's owners, slapping her rump. "Go on, girl. Back to George." He looked up at Mac. "What's going on?"

“We need to get back inside—“she hated admitting her mistakes, god did she ever. “My piece is in your bathroom. And that was David, just warning us to be careful with any stragglers.”

“You’re piece? Oh- tracking me out here?” He looked out on the horizon, a few couples that owned houses in the surrounding area dotted the beach. The wind that had felt so good before now held an ominous chill. "Are you sure?"

She scanned the immediate area quickly, a couple of teenagers and some older folk, she hadn’t really noticed them before which meant she wasn’t really paying attention. “Yes, I”m sure.” This wasn’t his fault it was hers, hers for yet again being sucked into this charade of whatever it was with them. She grabbed his arm and moved him behind her so the gap for the clear shot was obstructed.

Frowning at the back of her head, he stiffened. "What are you doing?"

She slipped her arm through his to put on her game face once again and shifted herself around him "Obstructing the shot.”

"The fuck you are," he growled. "I didn't see you put on fucking kevlar this morning."

“This morning was different Jon. You know this is my job now and you know there is a threat.”

"Using a sniper rifle is a far cry from running me over with a goddamn car, or a warning MacKenzie. I think you're over reacting.”

Her hands curled into fists, he knew how serious this was becoming so what the fuck was his problem. “Alright, so I don’t over-react and we get ten pounds of lead in our bodies. That ok?” She yanked his arm, “well?”

His jaw clenched as they stood nose to nose. "I got it," he growled. "You made your point." He pulled his arm away from her. "Do you want to plaster yourself around me to take a bullet?" He flung his arm out. "If we walk up the beach I could become a smashed cantaloupe from the back of the head too."

“Now you’re just being ridiculous. In case you’ve forgotten Jon. I was employed to be your bodyguard. Being all over you and crawling up you is MY JOB.” It all came spewing out and god if she could help herself now. “This was never going to be easy,” problem was, it had been far too easy.

His head snapped back as if she'd slapped him. "Well aren't you good at your job." He stood still, his fingers jammed into his pockets. "Lead on oh protector," he said cooly. "I wouldn't want to overstep. I, after all, am great at taking your cues."

She just wanted them back in the house and off this damn beach, where they were in the wide open. This hadn’t been a job half the time, and that’s where laid the problem. She was lucky to have the reality check now, and not when he got hurt. The sea air was thick as the tension that hung between them as they walked back to the house. Once there, she grabbed him and twisted him around. Her eyes stayed on his,

“It’s for the best Jon. I’m only doing it for you.”

"Right, it's just a job. I won't forget again, MacKenzie." He stepped back and inside. "I've got calls to make." He stopped, turning his head a fraction so he could see her peripherally. "If I'm allowed to do so," he said flatly.

The cool tone in his voice sliced through him like ice, and she pretended that it didn’t matter. It did matter, he mattered. On the inside she was ready to collapse but her body held the pressure. She had to push back, in public she’d be his girlfriend as promised, but at home she had to learn to draw the lines before they vanished. “I’m sorry.” She rested her hand on the battered doorframe as she watched him walk away without as much as another word.


norwichliz said...

Uh he's hurt and his pride's taken a beating. Not good!

Mac needs to deal with these bangers ASAP and then she won't have to worry about distractions and she can show him how she really feels!

rutpop said...

Mac you need to come clean and tell him the real deal. You're playing both sides of the coin here and it's not fair to either of you. Perhaps if you let him know how you feel he'd understand better and be more receptive. Good Luck resisting him though.

Anonymous said...

This tug a war between them isn't good. They need to have a heart to heart and be honest with eachother!

chester said...

I absolutely love this story and I can't wait to read the next chapter!!
*hint! hint!*

SoulGirl said...

LOL well I just put a new one up!

Thanks ladies, glad you're enjoying the ride. Because it's gonna get bumpy LOL

Anonymous said...

Great story. Just loving it. We need more chapters and quicker !! :)