Tuesday, January 26, 2010

While you were sleeping...

He sat listening to the sound of the waves as they crashed up against the beach.


He was angry and there was only one reason for it.

Rich man.

He puffed out the last of his cigarette and flicked it across the deck, “Jerome!”He drummed his fingers on the end of the chair as he waited. The stupid asshole got scared and ran inside the house, he snorted delighted, “What a wimp.” He looked up as Jerome creaked across the decking.

“Yo. What’s up?” They slapped hands and pulled them back fast.

“Did you get the pictures I asked?” He lifted the beer and leant back rolling the butt of it across his belly.

“Sure did, little kissy-kissy on the beach. She’s one hot mama rich man’s got.”

He nodded and clicked his fingers. “Show me them.”

Rich men that played with Democrats he mused. They pretended that the world was about to change, that it could change, it was a nice sentiment to write home about. Yet, in the entire ass kissing and let’s change this country for the better, they couldn’t even give his baby brother a chance at a dream. A fucking dream.

He wanted to slice the fucking Rich man’s smug smile right off his face. He picked through the photos of Rich man loving it up on the beach with the hot looking chick. The chick that had a gun. Black watch wasn’t stupid. The guy had may have had protection, he’d seen that coming but the surprise attack on the house brought it to light. Guns didn’t scare him.

He handed them back, “you know what to do with them.”
Jerome shoved them back in the over sized envelope. “You want me to rough up the place while they sleep?”

He should, but he shook his head. “No, let’s see what the Rich bastard does next. Him and his little chick with a gun. Did you get an ID on her?”

Jerome shrugged, “Mackenzie Philips doesn’t bring up anything anywhere, I checked her out. She’s registered as an office assistant. “ They’d kept an eye on the press when they were splashed across magazines and papers at all these fancy-to-do fucking events.

“She can cover her tracks well, she has to be his cover, although Rich man was quite content to hide in the house when you were there. Maybe he likes a woman in charge. We’ll keep an eye on her. I’m not scared of her, or him.”

“What’s next?” Jerome asked pulling his hood up over his head.

“You drop the photos, and then we watch what they do next. If he’s smart he’ll come to his senses and call Wes into the team. If he’s not---“ Black watch glanced out to the dark sea. “It’s time to ramp things up a little and make him wish he’d never gone there.”

“And Wes will get on the team?”

He took a long pull from his beer and nodded. “Wes will get on the team, at any cost.”



Rike said...

oh shit, that sounds not good.

Judith said...


They better get back to the city apartment. After all it´s more secure as the beach house...

and I second that, it´s not good at all....

It looks like Mac´s cover is blown and the guy who took the pics is from the gang. Let´s hope they underestimate a woman with a gun...

hurry back Tresca! I need more!

Cindy aka Miss Moose said...

Not a good thing. They might go after his band brothers since we know the kids are well guarded. They better not hurt Swingman or they will have to deal with this Irish/German temper. They don't want this Big Girl on their bad side. LOL.

More soon please. I am greedy.

Anonymous said...

Loving this story.

:) P

norwichliz said...

Oooh...not good. Looks likes Mac's fears were on the money. Jon better listen to her and do whatever she says

Wonder if anyone explained to Wes why he was cut?