Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chapter Twenty-Nine

MacKenzie clipped her blackberry back onto the waistband of her yoga pants and tugged down her cap. “Alright, I’m ready.” She adjusted the holster under her sweat jacket and waited for him to start running. He’d woken her at 6am from the couch where she’d fallen asleep after the movie. They both needed the run after he insisted they had pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast.

Six am in Soho was pretty deserted. The crunch of the fall leaves under their shoes was accompanied by the faint whirring of the street cleaners a few blocks over that were beginning their morning rounds, along with the odd dog walker and jogger dotted around the place. She sucked in her breath which hit her lungs like glass, there was nothing like a crisp November morning in New York.

She relaxed into her stride as they fell into step easily, like they always did. She glanced sideways, his tight grey t-shirt already had formed a v-line of sweat down his back that pointed to that perfect ass. He increased his pace and she did the same once she checked no one was following them. She had him at all angles, at all times.

They’d had a nice evening in, MacKenzie didn’t feel as weird as she thought she might opening up to Jon about Brian. It had actually surprisingly felt quite good. She had been in denial that she’d been falling for him for a while now, but had decided that once whatever this was, was over, she was telling him. That was at least the plan.

They stopped half way at three miles so she stretched herself out against the wall popping out her calf muscles and checked her watch. “Not bad timing for three miles, we’re getting good at this.”

He stretched his back, wincing at the crack. "Well you keep trying to beat me, so I've got to amp up my stride."

She stood and put her hands on her hips. "I do not try and beat you..." she couldn’t stop her lips from twitching, ok so she tried to constantly beat him. It was what made their work out time fun.

Enjoying her light mood and taking advantage of the public display, he dragged her against him. The brick of the building dug into his shoulders as she crashed against him, but it was worth the irritation. She was tight against him and her mouth tasted of salt and coffee. Swiping his tongue inside her mouth, he tasted the hazelnut creamer she indulged in some mornings. Taking it one step further, he slid his fingers through the slick line of sweat on her back. When she moaned into his mouth, he went south, filling his hands with each cheek.

She should have protested, she should have heard the warning bells go off in her head, but she didn't. Instead she crept up onto her toes and leaned into him, her nipples growing hard against the sweaty cotton. Her hands wound up under his t-shirt her thumbs brushing against his hips. His dark flavor was one she was getting all too accustomed too.

She wanted more of him, more of this --all thoughts were lost among the morning coos of the pigeons and the stirrings of daily traffic started to wake. Her hand cupped his jaw and she edged back. "What was that for?"

"I wanted you," he sipped from her mouth again. "I'm still allowed to pretend I can't keep my hands off you in public, right?" He slid his knee between her thighs. "That every," he nipped at her bottom lip, "morning, I get to touch you, to feel you wrapped around me." He groaned, remembering her on the couch and the wild lust he'd seen there just that morning. If there was a medal in sexually frustrated, he was going to earn it with fucking honors

Why did he chose now, choose here to do this? He was using their position of pretend to drive into reality when they got home. She leaned into his body and pressed her palm against his chest, her eyes falling to his lips. “Well you don’t have to pretend—if you don’t want to—“She was torn between duty and lust but dragged her mouth across his anyway. “I want you.”

With God and sunlight to watch in those early hours of the morning he tasted her. When she responded to him without her usual reservations, he took more. The freedom in their touch, if even just for a moment, gave him a rush. Her taste was sweeter, hotter, and even more beguiling. And when her fingers tangled into his hair, he flattened his palms against the scratchy brick beside her head.

He pushed the kiss harder, deeper--wanting more, even as she gave him more. And when she flipped him around, her fingers in his hair, her body pressed against him, he revelled in the softness of her breasts and the smooth muscles of her arms as she held him tighter. He'd been waiting for this for so long.

She took his taste and she swallowed it, her heart raced wildly against her chest. Her fingers slid down to his neck and she scraped her thumb along his jaw. Reluctant to break the kiss, the one she’d been waiting to give him in so long, she finally did. Her eyes fell to his lips as they pulled apart, and she smiled and was about to speak when two strong arms hooked under hers and dragged her backwards.

Her head snapped backwards on instinct, smashing hard against whoever’s face it was, causing a groan and an enough time for her to wrestle out of his grip.

“You’ll pay for that little girl,” her attacker snarled in her ear, he had to be at least two feet taller and a hundred pounds heavier than her.

“Not likely asshole,” she kicked one foot up and connected it with shin.

“Fucking bitch!” He’d backed away giving her the two seconds she needed to take control.

“Run, get outta here!” She screamed at Jon who stood like a statue, frozen to the ground, his eyes wide and his face was white as a sheet.

The street seemed to slow down to a crawl. Foot traffic gave a wide berth as he fought the urge to run. He couldn't leave her. The crack of her elbow into the larger man's windpipe had him wincing as the kid crumpled into the pavement.

"Go!" came her scream of outrage as he stood his ground.

"Not without you!" Fuck, was he stupid now?

She growled, "Stupid Stubborn Man." She twisted and her foot went flying, connecting with the guy’s stomach. His associate made a grab for her but the guy she'd elbowed and kicked in the guts was doubled over and waved him to stop. "Dude, I think she’s a pig.”

"Son of a bitch!" he shoved her, and she lost her footing slamming back first into the concrete below. She closed her eyes as the sound of heavy footsteps running faded. Thank fuck for that.

"Kenzie." His hand shook as he knelt beside her. When she slapped the pavement with her palm, he snatched his fingers back. "Are you all right?"

She heaved her breath and arched, "Fuck! Dammit!" She pulled herself into a sitting position up and winced, Jon finally coming into view. His face was pale, he was probably scared shitless with what just happened but all the willpower in the world couldn't let that melt her anger. "When I tell you to run, you run Jon."

He reared back as if she'd slapped him. She couldn't possibly think he'd have gone without her. "I wouldn't have left you here like that."

She rubbed the back of her head, relieved it was still dry and not cracked open
pouring with blood. "I could handle them Jon, you would not have been able to. Remember this is my job --" she looked back up at him. "Which incidentally I would have been doing if you hadn't been fucking seducing me," she snapped.

He stood, crossing his arms. The woman was beyond the scope of stupid. "Believe me, I won't make the mistake again." His eyebrow rose behind his shades. For the first time, he welcomed the way they hid half his face. "Looks like your covers blown anyway. Maybe I don't need your services any longer."

"Fuck," that was the other thing. Her cover was blown if it hadn’t been already, she had to assume they were gang members or lackies of theirs. She hoisted herself up and looked around, the on lookers had all lost interest and started to mill away. She grabbed his arm and pulled him into an alleyway, sheltered from the public eye.

"Don't get all pissy on me, I know damn well this wasn't all your fault it was mine. Mine for letting myself get so close to you... mine for actually enjoying being with you,” she slapped her hand hard against brick. “Mine for falling in love with you.” This was a complete fucking mess, and she only had herself to blame.

"What?" he grabbed her by her elbow, curling his fingers back into fists away from her when she winced. She was banged up and scratched. She was in harm’s way because he put her in that position. "You love me?" He cupped her face, making sure her eyes met his. His belly bottomed out as he tried to put that into order in his head. "You're in love with me?"

She nodded slowly, the zing up her body started to burn as it came out of shock. She was going to be a sore puppy later. She blinked away the tears, and swallowed her emotion. “I’m sorry. “ She’d let him down, she’d let herself down by putting her feelings first and in the process had nearly got them both killed.


Bayaderra said...

O NO!!!! Her cover is blown. Well, at least her feelings are now in the open. Jon, time to take her home and kiss her sore spots better!

Judith said...

Ahhh those fuckers, why had they just to choose this moment! Ugh! LOL
But hmmmm, she told him she´s in love ;) that´s good right?
Can´t wait for more of these two!
Well done Mac, kick those fuckers where they deserve :)

BJ Angel said...

The truth is now out in the open -- between Mac & Jon and to the gang members as well... Good will triumph over evil.. I just know it... and I bet Jon can find a special band aid to cover Mac's bruises....

Jen said...

She loves him!!! Yaaaay!!!! Best chapter ever...I don't care that they almost got hurt...she admitted she loves him! He's her lobster :)

Anonymous said...

McKenzie said the L... word! That is big. Wonder what Jon is going to say to that??? Now her cover is blown-can't wait to see what happens next!


norwichliz said...

Her cover's blown - IF they were connected to the gang. So now they can finish what they started.

Take her home and kiss her booboos better Jon. LOL