Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chapter Thirty-Six

There was nothing like having a naked woman wrapped around you like a pretzel, especially after a hard fuck that his body still screamed from. The soft curve of her breast pressed against his bicep and her hair draped over his forearm. The steady breathing in the night had given him a chance to think, his dick to deflate, and his mind to start working again. He’d tried hard not to re-live the fuck-fest that had just happened. Worse than that, he now had confirmation that them together, was lethal.

He should have rolled out of the bed, but the feeling of having someone sleeping next to him again was a strange comfort. Her silky leg hooked over his thigh, her hand rested flat on his belly with the sheet draped down in lame attempt to cover them. He'd tried not to look at her while she slept but he figured he'd already fucked himself of any self-control and inappropriate thoughts. The soft lines around her face were relaxed and worry had melted away.

The worry she had for him.

Being naked with her was a bad idea. It was like a good night out on a few bottles of wine, excellent buzz at the time until the next morning you had to live with the hangover. In this case there was no wine to blame and that's what was scary. All these feelings he couldn't control around her. She'd asked him to wait until this was all over and he'd sworn to himself to not go here as she was him employee. Let's not forget the tiny detail of his life being in danger, and now hers. If these were all cardinal sins, he'd have a condo rent free in hell. Fuck.

Get out of the bed Jon.

His head was still thick with thought and his chest tight with uncertainty but he felt safe. Safe here with her next to him. She murmure and her lips parted causing his cock to twitch. Not now! He groaned when the tip of her nipple beaded against his arm, it would take a fucking army to move him now. He closed his eyes; he could get out of the fucking bed. Hell, he'd left plenty of girls in bed back in the day, so why couldn’t he now? He told himself to get out of bed now, cut the losses with minimal embarrassment so they could concentrate on what they were dealing with. That's what a reasonable man would do instead of complicating things further. He slammed his face it his pillow. "Ugh."

To hell with the reasonable man.

The early dawn crept along the windows slowly melting away the night, he had time.
Time for one more taste. He tipped her chin with the top of his knuckle and pressed his lips against hers. Besides, there was nothing wrong with wanting to savor a moment that shouldn't have happened and felt so good, was there? He shut down his thought as he knew any second sensible Jon would come to his senses. She sighed into his mouth as he took the kiss deeper letting his tongue taste every corner of her mouth. She tasted like morning and sex, and he wanted more. He brought his hands up and framed her face, her eyes fluttered open. Her cheeks flushed pink and he brushed her cheekbones with the pads of his thumbs.

"Morning," he shifted into her, his knee sliding between her legs as he hovered over her. The tip of her nipples scraped against his chest and now, he was a dead man. He took his time letting his lips move over her chin, down her neck and slowly across her shoulder. Creamy skin dotted with freckles led a path down to her perfect breasts. His knee pressed against her naked heat and her breathing hitched, her eyes focused completely on him. He'd tortured himself with the shape of her breasts so long and now, now he was going to take his time and taste. Her hand fisted in his hair as he rolled her nipple between his teeth, and she arched off the mattress.

His fingers trailed down her abdomen, swirling at her belly and dipped down between her thighs. He'd forgotten what it felt like to want, want something so bad that he didn't care if it felt like the world was falling down around him to stop it. And god, it had been a long since he'd not cared, he just needed to not care for another twenty minutes. The tips of his fingers teased her dripping centre and he growled as he slipped inside her. Her head tipped back and his teeth took advantage of her exposed lovely neckline. Her skin was as light as spun sugar under his lips and just as sweet. For a women so athletic, and let's be honest, she could kick his ass. She was still female sexy in every possible way.

His mouth latched to the other nipple as he felt the orgasm roll through her under him. Her chest heaved and she dragged him in close punching up the heat up by several hundred degrees. It made no sense at all to fall so free like this, but he didn't need sense right now, he needed, no-he craved a big orgasm. Her lips were raw and swollen love her from kissing his face off. Her arms coiled up around his neck and her legs hooked over his hips and he barely slid home when he stopped.

"Shit!" He'd forgotten a condom in their rush of lust before. He never forgot, ever.

Her lips curved into a smile, her hair fanned out around the pillows. "It's OK. I'm on something."

He raked his hand through his hair, "I never--" But she took his hand and kissed the tips of his fingers before placing it on her breast.

"Jon, its fine. Really."

He entered her and his eyes rolled back, "fuck." She stretched around him as moved, slow and fluid, milking them to the limit any way he could.

Her nails raked through his chest hair, and he hissed when her thumbs rolled over his nipples. With the sun blaring on his back he dropped his hands on each side of her and watched as his cock slowly moved in and out of her.

Her eyes flickered with lust, and he knew he was close to breaking her. She was much like him in so many ways, she couldn't be out of control for too long. It was dangerous that he was starting to know her, inside her mind and how she thought and every glorious curve of her body. Her heels squeezed into the back of his thighs, and he was tempted to break, tempted to drive her over the edge screaming but he waited. He wasn't a patient man at the best of times, but watching her wriggle under him, feel her skin grow slick under his--was worth it.

His eyes held hers and flicked down to her lips and back to her eyes. His heart rushed in his chest as he saw it, in Technicolor laid out in front of him. He wasn't meant to be in love with her, not because it was wrong. It just didn't make sense. His cock and his heart were sending mixed messages so he had to put distance between them before he drove himself crazy. It scratched at the bottom of his stomach, fuck. He was in love with her. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

His cock drove hard into her and she flung her hands out to bunch the sheets. Sweat beaded his temple as his salty flavor mingled with hers. His jaw clenched as she did around him, his cock throbbed and his body shook uncontrollably as he let go. "Oh god," he collapsed against the pillows and rolled onto his side away from her, his body still jolting with aftershocks. Sunshine and her scent of ginger filled the room, he needed a minute. He needed a minute before he had to clear his head and deal with whatever this was. He closed his eyes and she snuggled in behind him winding her arm around his waist. The warmth of a woman behind him was something he'd not had in a long time and it was strangely comforting. Just for a little while.


MacKenzie rolled over, smiled and stretched into the sunlight that was streaming around her. She curled her toes till she heard them pop and sighed, her body felt abused. And boy did it feel good. She was raw all over but she felt relaxed. She knew once she opened her eyes things would change from sated bliss she felt now, and the real life situation outside this bedroom would take over again. But man that was some freaking sex. She peeled her eyes open and blinked, adjusting to the low November sun. She was tangled in cotton and smack in the middle of his generous bed, alone. On some level she expected he'd be gone when she woke, what she wasn't prepared for was the small ache inside her chest that he actually was.

She lay back and blew her hair out of her face wishing she could crawl under the sheet and stay there forever. But no, she had to get up and go back to being his bodyguard and had to get on with what she was here to do. The question was, could they after this? Dammit MacKenzie. "It'll be OK." They both knew the score, it would be OK. She dragged herself up, out of bed, grabbed her clothes and disappeared back into her bedroom. She could hear movement and talking from downstairs. Jon was probably on his phone, he wasn't off it much these days. She chuckled, neither was she.

The shower did little to calm her nerves, why was she nervous? It wasn't one of those awkward one night stands where you snuck out the next morning, as let’s face it, neither of them could sneak out anywhere. She twisted her hair up in a ponytail and zipped her hooded sweat jacket. It wasn't meant to happen like this, first time sex never was though. Wait, first time sex? Getting ahead of yourself there Mac, who says there will be another time? She put her hands on the counter and leaned forward, lord she was a mess. While the sex had untwisted the gut wrenching need she felt every time she was near him, it had tangled her up inside more.

She ached in places she’d forgot about. She lifted the sweater and the angry red buckle mark on her belly winked back at her. This was a bad idea, how could she go and face him downstairs and pretend none of this happened? Maybe he didn't want to pretend either? There was this undeniable attraction between him but she thought it would simmer off after being able to have it out with him and make it bearable. What if she walked into the room and all she wanted to do was jump him?

"Oh god," she clutched her belly. This was ridiculous. She pushed up her sleeves and padded down the stairs, Jon was sitting at the table hammering on his laptop, his phone glued to his ear. She drifted into the kitchen, frowned and dug around for her creamer, he usually had it out for her next to the coffee that was brewing. She picked up her Blackberry while she sipped her coffee and scrolled through the calendar for the day. Jon had a luncheon for the Soul at one, and drinks with sponsors at five in the city. Joy. It a little after eight so there was plenty of time to do some of her paper work, maybe go for a run if Jon wanted to.

She poured herself a bowl fruit and yogurt and took it back into the living room with her coffee. He didn't look up from his screen as he kept talking. Relax, he's just doing business, you know it's like talking to a brick wall when he does. She clicked through her emails and fired off a couple to David and her parents. Her parents knew she was in the middle of a big job so they were used to the limited contact but she still missed them. She speared a piece of apple and watched Jon, he'd showered, and his hair had that wet ruffled look. Much like the look it had this morning when he woke her all hot and delicious. Jesus, the fork clattered against the bowl and Jon looked up at her.

"That's what I said Jerry--" Her heart raced in her ears, her belly should have clenched but his eyes were flat and he didn't smile. Instead, he flicked his gaze back to the laptop. It was clear to MacKenzie then, he wanted to forget it. Just great. She finished her fruit and washed up. She heard him disconnect the call held her breath as he made his way into the kitchen behind her.

He put his cup in the dish-drawer and bumped it shut. "You OK for the luncheon and drinks today?"

She nodded, "yeah I just checked my calendar---is the luncheon formal?"

He washed his hands and dried them on the dish towel and nodded, "yeah. I'm wearing a suit, no tie though. So a dress will be fine, and the driver is picking us up from the lobby at twelve-thirty."

The image of a crisp white shirt popped open at the top made her swallow. "OK, sounds good to me." God, he would not look at her. She didn't know whether to be hurt or fucking angry. He was being ridiculous. He was being Jon.

He opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. "I'm going to go for a run."

"OK, I'll get changed into my runners and we can go--"

"On the treadmill upstairs." He turned and left her in alone in the kitchen, she had a right mind to run after him and grab him. God knows if she would end up slapping him or fucking him. Everything evidently, was now fucked up. She rubbed her chest and took a deep breath; she had to pull herself together. She had a job to do, and he just made very clear to her that's all he was interested in discussing.

Just wonderful.


norwichliz said...

Jon, Jon, Jon...what the hell are you doing?!!! It's too late to go back now - and there's no need to. She's a professional and can look after herself and you. Now, you've hurt her, pissed her off, and made it even more difficult for her to do her job.

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Oh hell, just when I thought everything was fitting into place and he goes and fucks it up. Jon, what the hell are you doing?!

Bayaderra said...

Jon, don't punish her for your own weakness and lack of control!!!!

Judith said...

Great idea Mac, slap him would be coming to my mind too. Until he´d admit that in hurting her he´s just covering himself. Ugh, stupid male...

Well now, there are ways to make him hurt just the same. It´s time to dig out a killer dress for the night´s event, flirt around and let him suffer...
Hey, you´re a tough woman, right? Who needs a stupid rockstar with an attitude? ^^


Jen said...

WTF?! silly moron of a man. I hope she kicks your ass for that.

Cindy aka Miss Moose said...

I think these 2 need to sit down and have a lonnnggggg talk. They are both hiding their feelings and running from them. He is thinking like a boss instead of a man and she is acting like a weak woman which she is not. Let him have it!!!! Tell him off!!!! Make him tell you he loves you!!!!!!!!!!

rutpop said...

Ok yeah Mac I say you kick his ass for treating you like shit. Jon cut the crap.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! He can be a real jerk! Can't wait to see what happens....hurry!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, men just doin't seem to handle their own emotions. Jon needs to pull his head out!

Judith said...

I know you're probably busy to get ready to see the boys! But is there any chance for more before you go??? xxx