Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chapter Fifty-Three

MacKenzie's gaze swept the room for Jon buts she could never find him. Come to think of it she hadn't seen him for quite a while. "You ok?" She snapped back to earth and stared into chocolate brown eyes and a very broad grin. "Hey Richie. I'm good. Having a good time?"

He held up the beer bottle and swished the few mouthfuls left it around. "Sure am darling, this was a great idea. We haven't really been all together in a while. Jon's been so busy doing his politics thing and then you coming along and playing Superwoman."

MacKenzie laughed. "It's wonder-woman, there is no super-woman and I'm definitely not her in the first instance."

Richie finished off the beer and propped it on the counter-top. He gave her an appreciate look up and down. "Well you'd look mighty fine in her costume all the same."
Her eyes narrowed and she chuckled. "Just exactly how much have you had to drink?"

He leaned forward, cupped her shoulder and his face fell flat. "Listen, when Jon's paying. You drink. He puts one hell of a party on, trust me. It's these little things you learn quickly."

"Thanks for the tip--speaking of the man of the hour, have you seen him?" Her eyes diverted over Richie's shoulder towards where a couple of people mingled on the smoking balcony but she still couldn't see him. Dammit.

"Aww miss him already?" She should have realized that Richie wasn't in the state for a serious conversation.

She lost her footing when he pulled her in tight and wrapped his arms around her shoulders like a boa-constrictor. "Richie!" He pressed his mouth to her ear and she considered a self-defence twist for a split second but thought otherwise.

"Thank you MacKenzie." He patted her back and stepped back with a grin ten feet wide and eyes that were glassy. He nodded. "You know what for."

Jon always talked about how Richie was always telling him that he needed to look out for himself, and that he didn't use them enough. He never asked. In all this she realized just maybe she'd under estimated how much this affected those around Jon just as much as it had affected him. She managed a small smile. "I don't deserve thanks though, it's far from over." She rubbed the back of her neck as that constant reminder niggled.

"He's got you and that's all I care about. I don't need to tell you it's hard for him to even suggest that he needs some support through this, let alone him actually leaning on someone throughout this whole ordeal. I can't begin to imagine what it's like for you both."

Through the drunken stupor, Richie did what Jon always had told her he did best. He cared. And one thing about Richie was you couldn't help but care back. "Well thanks, I hope you know I care for him deeply." The lump in her throat dissolved. This was an 'if you jump, I jump' situation. Whatever happened happened to both of them.

"Yo Sambora! Get off my woman!" Jon lurched in and protectively swung his arm around her shoulders. "Baby, I need a minute with you." Baby? He never called her baby. His face was pale and he smelled like a distillery. His eyes were red around the rim and hazy.

Richie held his hands up in the air and backed a step. "Don't mind me. She'd kick my ass before I could steal her."

MacKenzie laughed nervously and kept one eye on Jon. He'd had a little to drink but he was, god he was different. A little erratic and it was driving her crazy she couldn't pick up on what the hell was wrong. She wasn’t going to get a chance either as he dragged her into the back hallway, up the stairs to the bedrooms, this way would avoid all the guests.

"Jon, what's going on?"

He hauled her into his room and pushed her up against the door letting it click closed behind her. His body pressed against hers and his lips hovered on her ear. "I need you."

The obvious erection bumped into her thigh made her guess that it was going to be something where clothes were optional. "Are you ok Jon?" A nervous laugh escaped her throat as he dragged his lips across her jaw and then breathed in deeply when he reached her hair. She wasn't used to being on the back foot and even though she knew he wouldn't hurt her, her heart still raced when he bit gently on her ear.

"I need you Kenzie."

He barely pulled back but enough that their gazes met, she cupped his chin and tilted it. "Buzzed and horny huh?"

A wicked grin spread wide across his face before he captured her mouth in a long hot kiss. Oh yeah she'd been captured before, perhaps not for real but in role playing for the marines but nothing prepared her for the slow torture of his tongue as it traced her upper lip. She moaned as she let him slide in and her body crumbled into his. His hand came up and cupped her neck and he angled closer. His knee parted her legs and other pinned her to the door. She must have been crazy to ride with it when he was as an unpredictable as live explosives in her hands. Later she was would ask him what the hell happened, but for now she was going to be content with the possibility of being nailed into a wall.

As his lips devoured her neck, her eyes flicked over his shoulder and cleared the window. It was crazy how on edge she was feeling but she knew it was him putting her there with this, whatever the hell this was.

"Kenzie." He murmured into her neck and his hand hiked up her top and cupped her breast.

She thudded from impact as his thumb circled slowly over her nipple, pleasure pumped through her veins. "Oh god." His tongue traced down the long line of her neck and she grabbed a fistful of his hair as he went lower. Her toes tingled as hot breath danced along her breasts, his teeth barely scraping the tip through the thin cotton. He flipped the cups of her bra up and his mouth continued its torture with just mouth to skin. He flicked his tongue around the nipple before dragging it back into his mouth. Her legs buckled and she didn't know how much more she could take let alone support herself.

Her head tipped back as his mouth slid down over her belly, his tongue swirling around her navel. He tugged her jeans half way down her legs and teased the inside of her thighs with his tongue. She reached up both arms and anchored herself around the coat hook. He stepped her out of her jeans and lifted a leg over his shoulder. His nose dragged up her thigh and his tongue found the heart of her. She hissed as he shoved two fingers inside her and continued to circle her lips with the tip of his tongue. If she didn’t break she was certain the door would.

She screamed out his name and her fingers curled tight around the coat hook as she convulsed around him. She fought for breath as she crashed back down to earth. His eyes were up at her filled with desire. She took a deep breath as he rose and tugged her away from the door. He nudged her onto the bed on all fours facing the city. She closed her eyes as his buckle bounced on the hard-wood floor and the bed moved as he crawled up behind her. She braced herself on her elbows and shuddered as his lips traced up her spine.

Not seeing him, just feeling him was going to drive her crazy. He needed to be in control, whether it was to do with this whole situation or not she sensed it. The head of cock slid up and down her wet heat once and she waited for the plunge but it didn't come. His hands slid up under her belly and over her breasts. His cock barely brushed her as he moved it along her while he rolled her nipples under his palms. Her fingers dug into the sheets as she let her body respond to his touch and son of a bitch she was going to cum again. The friction of his cock against her pussy and the sensitivity of her nipples punched a sneaky one through her.

He didn't give her a second to recompose; he slid home, dug his fingers into her hips and pumped her. Her hair was slick around her temples and clung to her neck. He growled in her ear as fire danced through her body. The sweet after-burn was ripped away and replaced with nothing but raw need. "God, Jon!" She cried as their skin slapped and she swore to god she was going to shred these sheets into confetti in a minute.

Sweat poured dripped onto her arms and the only sound in the room was their cries as he spilled deep into her and she let go again. She flopped forward onto her belly and mashed her cheek into the sheets. He rolled her and came up, wound her legs around his middle and entered her again. She panted as his lips inched closer to hers, his eyes fully fixed on the target. The kiss was gentle, as was the roll of his hips. She pushed his hair back and moaned as he arched above her.

She caught the brief flicker of sadness in his eyes before he closed them above her. As they moved together, this time slow, healing whatever it was that he'd let go earlier. Her hand lifted up around his neck and soothed his shoulders. "Look at me Jon." It was barely a whisper as her throat was hoarse.

His eyes opened and this time she saw hope. He smiled and wrapped her completely around him. Her body ached and she'd have bruises tomorrow but the man she loved was back in her arms. The lump in her throat swelled. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you ok?" She blinked and a fat tear rolled down her cheek. If it was even possible, the love she now had for Jon outweighed the love she ever had for Brian. And that scared the fucking shit out of her.

He nodded, "I know. I know Kenz." He kissed her forehead and lifted her leg in his hip a little higher. She gasped as he went deeper but this time it was slow and sensual. They kissed, they smiled, and they came. He rolled them onto their side and they didn't care that they ended lying horizontally across his bed.

"I love you MacKenzie Cooper. I don't know how I managed to get right back here, but I am." He chuckled as their noses bumped.

"We're so messed up aren't we?"

He laughed true and tipped his head back. He pressed his forehead to hers and kissed her again. "In the very best way."


blushnscarlet said...

Okay, I admit to being a bit concerned there for a moment about Richie being a total pig. I think I may have But then the Jovi world righted itself (as much as it can with death threats flying around) and I was again content.

Great chapter, and well worth the time you put into it!! :o)

Bayaderra said...


Uhmmmm, I shouldn't heave read this before going to work... too late to take another shower...

norwichliz said...

Feel better now Jon? LMAO!

TaraLeigh said...

Poor Jon and all those pent up roiling emotions. Between the freak out and to the only control that he has, the man is a bit of a mess indeed.

The heat factor was delicious. It takes a strong woman to deal with a man like Jon.

He's finally met his match, even if the circumstances were less than ideal--the end product is something stronger than the both of them separately.

Great stuff, Kiwi.