Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chapter Sixty

The moonlight dripped through the window and up along the bed. He'd been awake for a couple of hours now, he was sure of it. He'd been listening to the sound of her steady breathing, the gentle rise and fall against his body. It comforted him as well as scared the crap out of him. He'd grown used to having her around and although they'd cemented that they meant so much to each now there was still a strong possibility that he could lose her if tomorrow didn't go quite as planned. His belly churned as that reality rolled through him and he knew he wouldn't be prepared for that kind of loss.

On the other had Freedom could be just hours away for him and MacKenzie but unlike other situations in his life, he didn't have the certainty that he almost always did. The certainty that this would be the best show he could make it, or the best day with the kids he could provide, none of this was any kind of certain at all. He wiggled restlessly and she stirred under him, the warmth of her cheek pressed against his back. She was wrapped around him from behind and her hands were clasped low at his belly. There was something to be said about having a strong woman behind you, figuratively and physically.

"Can't sleep huh?" His brow winged as the voice vibrated gently against his back.

"Nope." He chuckled and patted her hands. "Sorry, did my restlessness wake you?"

MacKenzie yawned and settled in closer to his back. "No, I've been drifting in and out but have noticed each time I've come to, you've been awake."

"I'm fine, just can't shut off my brain. It's an old habit from years back with the band."

"It's pk Jon. I'm just as tightly wound up like you are."

"Yeah? You feel relaxed."

He felt her smile against his skin. "It's an old habit I learned from way back."

Looks like they weren't going back to sleep anytime soon so he rolled her slowly in her grasp until she faced him. Through the moonlight her eyes glittered and her grin was sleepy and sexy. She lifted her hands to his face and leaned in, letting the heat between them simmer with a slow kiss. "You trying to seduce me?" He brushed back her hair and stroked it softly as it fanned out onto the pillows.

She ran the pad of her finger over his lips and flicked her gaze to his. "I'm kinda hungry actually."

"Now why doesn't that surprise me? I don't know where you put it all." He teased and then regretted it as she shifted her leg between his. "Hey! I'm just sayin. Nothing wrong with a healthy appetite."

"I used to eat more than Brian as a matter of fact and he played football."

Jon paused and ran his hand down her arm. "You've really missed him haven't you?" She hid it well, but now that he knew her every-time she mentioned his name he could see the emptiness in her eyes she tried to hide.

She nodded and her gaze fell way from his. "Yeah I do. More than I thought after I found you." She shrugged. "Maybe I really just miss that someone that understands me so well, and I can just be myself around." Her fingers curled around his arms. "I haven't really given relationships since then an honest go. I've always been busy, there have been men but they've come and go none have really stuck but again if I'm honest maybe I didn't try hard enough."

Jon sighed, "I know all about that Kenz. I had a very wonderful wife, just took me a long time to see it and when I did it was too late. We'd grown apart." And that was the truth, he was to blame for a lot of it but both Dot and him had fallen into the routine of being apart easily over the years.

"Well the upside of that though is you have four very wonderful children."

The bands around his chest tightened as he realized just how much he missed them. "That I do, I don't regret any of that at all. Are you seriously ok with all of that? I mean after this is all over, I'm gonna be all over those kids. You OK with that? I want them staying over, hell I want to take them everything and anywhere."

MacKenzie smiled. "Of course dummy. I wouldn't expect anything less, as long as you can handle your ass getting kicked in football by us again, I'm good with that."

He raised his brow. "You're a little sure of yourself there babes. I wouldn't be so sure on that one." He wondered what MacKenzie's thoughts on having her own children were. Nowadays it wasn't so uncommon for woman in their early forties to have babies and it wasn't as if she wasn't fit and healthy. "Did you ever want your own children? I mean I only ask because you seem to fit in with them so well."

She chuckled and rolled back a little. "Wow, we're pulling out the big questions tonight aren't we?"

"I didn't mean--"

"Relax, I'm just teasing and it's a valid question if we're going to do this whole being together thing." She tucked her hair behind her ear. "I've never had a desire to be a mom, if it had happened sure, I'd deal with it and I'd probably have ended up loving it but it didn't happen." She shrugged. "It just wasn't meant to be. Would you even want to go through all that baby stuff again? Sleepless nights, dirty nappies...come on I know that had to be balls of fun four times over."

He sat up and scratched his head, "It wasn't fun but it's something I'd go through again for us if I had to."

"Well you won't, I don't want children now I just want to enjoy my life preferably with you." Her hair fanned out on the pillow and her brown gaze fell soft.

He flopped back down against the pillows. "Thank god!"

She slapped him lightly. "I knew it."

He hauled her in and dragged her up on top of him. Her breasts pressed into his chest and she wound her legs through his. "I would have for you, that's what I'm saying."

The corners of her mouth curled into a smile. "Thank you, but you're safe and I've already got an instant family in yours of they allow me to be a part of it." She sifted her fingers through his chest hair. "I'd really like that."

He squeezed her ass and grinned. "They'd like that too, I know that they would." His lips met hers, rubbing them in a soft rhythm. He kept it gentle and sucked her lower lip into his mouth, his tongue gliding in and tasting each corner of her mouth. He pulled her closer, twisted his tongue around hers letting the kiss flow from innocent to lethal. The need for possession took over as he warred with the fact he couldn't lose her tomorrow, not now. Not when he had a woman that completely understood and fit him the way she did. His fingers traced a line down her spine as she shifted on top of him, her soft moans breaking the stillness of the night.

Her fingers threaded through his hair and he growled as her lips left his mouth and slid down his throat. The tips of her nipples brushed against his, the friction causing his cock to flex. She was hot against his skin, like fire as she inched slower down his chest. Kicking down the blanket he tucked his hands behind his head and arched as her destructive mouth slid down and over his belly. Her tongue swirled around his navel and then her fingers outlined the v down his hips as she went lower.

"Kenzie." His head tipped back and the raw sensation of pleasure washed over him as her delicious mouth found the top of his shaft. She licked the crown and his fingers dug into the feather pillows. His eyes clamped closed as she wrapped her lips around him and began taking him slowly but tightly. Dear god, he knew her strength and knew damn well she could practically pin him and do what the hell she wanted with him so the force of her mouth didn't surprise him at all.

The under vein throbbed as her tongue glided across it. He twisted his toes, stretched as she sucked, licked him to breaking point. He felt her lick from top to bottom while the other hand sought to tease his balls. She tickled them lightly; the tips of her fingers pulling the fine hair that covered them.

"You're evil." But it was so fucking good. He moaned as she slid his cock all the way into his mouth and out again. His head rolled back into the pillow and his throat vibrated with guttural groans as he his body arched. His balls were tight and his cock throbbed as let himself go, spilling deep into her mouth. His eyes focused, his brain was foggy and his breathing was shallow. "Shit."

The sheets shuffled and she shifted. He sat up and scooped her onto his lap, straddling her across him so his cock bumped against her heat. The blankets all slipped away they sat tangled around one another in the dim light of the moon. His hand splayed on her lower back keeping her close, their bodies pressed together. He sipped down the lovely column of her neck, across her shoulder and over the water soft curve of her breast. She sighed as his tongue flicked over nipple and arched back in his arms as he laid slow deliberate kisses back up the centre of her.

Her arms coiled around his neck as she kissed him ever so gently. "Now who's evil?"

He slid easily into her cuppingthe back of her head holding as he pressed his forehead against hers as he moved inside her. "No matter what happens tomorrow...." His breathing fell short. "I love you Kenzie Cooper."

Her eyes glassed over and she smiled, her lips parted as she moaned. "No fair with the sweet talk while you've got your cock inside me." She dragged him down, leaving him on top and wrapped her legs tight around his hips. "I love you Jon. Always. So you better get used to it, because none of us are going anywhere. You hear me?"

He swallowed, the lump dissolving in his throat. "You got it." He let himself go, in the last moments that they could. They made love until the sun started to rise, knowing that the fate of everything just lay hours away.


ANN said...

Yeah, an update! I don't think I could sleep either knowing what may happen the next day. I can imagine how tense that must be. I'm not so sure I trust that thug they are meeting. Hope everyone is ok in the end.

norwichliz said...

If it all goes to shit, I guess they can die happy...sort of. LOL!

So....showdown time?