Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update---Where I'm at.

Hi all.

Well I never thought I'd be here again but I am. If you hadn't heard my city was hit with a 6.3 magnitude earthquake on the 22nd Feb---this time it was just 10km from the city center and where I live and only 5km deep which meant destruction and loss of life was inevitable.

I was at home that day but I work right where the CBD crumbled to the ground---and possibly over 200 people lost their lives. The CBD is completely "munted" as we say here in New Zealand and they think at least a third of it will be demolished and have to be rebuilt.

It was a very very day for our city, and our country.

It's been with no doubt, the worst week of my life that I remember. I am grateful to be alive and still a little stunned as to what happened and it's only just sinking in. Many people in Christchurch, their homes were destroyed. Mine is still standing but I have some significant damage in the infrastructure around it---particularly water systems and right now I am without power so it's frustrating.

I have been working on the next chapter of DT though, so there is some good news. I find it helps take my mind off things around here when I do have a moment to relax :)

Anyway I am safe, all my friends and family are as well and that is the best news of all. Things are going to take months to get back to normal here.

Here is an idea of the devastation that's occured, it's just heart-breaking. The city I knew has definitely gone. But we'll move on, rebuild etc---it'll just take time.

Before and After Shots

So I'll be in touch--promise. This story is definitely still in me :)



ANN said...

Dear Kiwi,
So glad to hear you and your family are ok. I have been checking this story for the past week to see if you posted anything since I knew from before you were in the Earthquake area.
Don't worry about the story as we are all just glad you are ok.
If it does help to get your mind off things then that's a good thing. ll need our avenues of escapism. I can't believe that your area got hit so soon again after the last one. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...


Glad you're ok! Stay safe!

Thanks for the link to the pictures. I'd heard of the quake (of course!) but to see the pictures is...I don't even know the words to explain.

Genie P

jenny said...

Dear Kiwi,

Glad to hear you and family are safe. thoughts and prayers.


Njgirl4523 said...

So glad you are safe. Sending good thoughts for speedy recovery in Christ Church.

Ryder900 said...

You are on my prayers

MBWL said...

So glad to hear you & your family are all safe & well.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are safe. I know how scary earthquakes are. It is horrible. I am on edge, too, and we haven't had a big one in a while.
So sorry about all the people who lost their lives and loved ones.

Super_Kiwi said...

Thank you guys *muah* appreciate all the good thoughts. I'm doing ok--just getting my life back together as work is changing, I'll be working at people's houses for the coming weeks and also securing my home again and fixing water leaks etc... so it's been a long couple of weeks.

Aftershocks continue every day and all through the night so sleeping becomes hard but sorry to say I'm kinda getting used to the fact!

I know you don't expect it but I have been writing a little and I should have a new chapter of DT up very soon :) It's been a welcome distraction to write in the amidst of this storm of crap ;)

Thanks for all your love... you guys are the best!